typedef struct {

      mfxExtBuffer      Header;

      mfxU16            Algorithm;

      mfxU16            reserved;

      mfxU32            reserved2[15];

} mfxExtVPPFrameRateConversion;





The mfxExtVPPFrameRateConversion structure configures the VPP frame rate conversion filter. The user can attach this structure to the mfxVideoParam structure when initializing video processing, resetting it or query its capability.

On some platforms advanced frame rate conversion algorithm, algorithm based on frame interpolation, is not supported. To query its support the application should add MFX_FRCALGM_FRAME_INTERPOLATION flag to Algorithm value in mfxExtVPPFrameRateConversion structure, attach it to mfxVideoParam structure and call MFXVideoVPP_Query function. If filter is supported the function returns MFX_ERR_NONE status and copies content of input structure to output one. If advanced filter is not supported then simple filter will be used and function returns MFX_WRN_INCOMPATIBLE_VIDEO_PARAM, copies content of input structure to output one and corrects Algorithm value.

If advanced FRC algorithm is not supported both MFXVideoVPP_Init and MFXVideoVPP_Reset functions returns MFX_WRN_INCOMPATIBLE_VIDEO_PARAM status.










See the FrcAlgm enumerator for a list of frame rate conversion algorithms.


Change History


This structure is available since SDK API 1.3.






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