View Serial Output

The Serial Terminal view is by default available in both C/C++ and Debug perspectives:

You can also open the Serial Terminal from Window > Show View > Serial Terminal menu:

To open a serial connection, it is enough to click on the "green plus" icon in the right upper corner of the Serial Terminal view and you will get a dialog from where you can choose between all the available serial ports (see image below):

If you wish to modify the default configuration, you can do it by selecting "Custom configuration".


The port will vary depending on the serial hardware used and there may be more than one listed.

To view your port status on Linux*, use the 'dmesg' command

To view the Ports on Windows*, open Device Manager (COM & LPT)


On Linux, you must have permissions to access the USB port. Optionally run sudo usermod -aG dialout $(whoami) and restart your Linux user session. On Windows, make sure you installed the proper drivers of your selected FTDI cable.
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