Default ROM Behavior

Two ROMs are provided for the Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller C1000 board and selected by default when upgrading the ROM via the Eclipse* dialog depending on the project type (Intel® QMSI/Zephyr*).

  1. The default ROM for the Intel® QMSI projects is called quark_se_rom.bin and will release both cores after reset. This requires two valid and non interfering Intel® QMSI applications on both cores.
  2. The default ROM for Zephyr* projects is called quark_se_rom_no_arc_start.bin and will only release the Intel® Quark™ core; in Zephyr, the Intel® Quark™ application owns the release of the ARC core.

For the Arduino* 101 / Genuino* 101 boards, no default ROM is provided. There is no need to flash a new ROM as the default one from the manufacturing is able to run both Arduino and Zephyr projects. This ROM releases only the Intel® Quark™ microprocessor core.

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