Using the Intel® IPP for Microcontrollers in IDE

To use the Intel® IPP for Microcontrollers functions with the <Intel Project for Microcontrollers>, take the following steps:

  1. Under the File menu, select New > Intel Project for Microcontrollers. We use the Hello_World project in this topic.
  2. Open the main.c file from the project files list and add #include <ippsq.h> for a project with the IPPM-style functions or #include <dsp.h> for a project with the CMSIS-style functions:
  3. In the source windows you can see ippsq.h or dsp.h as unresolved. To fix this, you must add the library's include path in the Project Properties:
    1. From the Eclipse* menu, go to Project->Properties. In the Properties for Hello_World window, go to C/C++ General->Paths and Symbols and select GNU C in the Languages tab, then press the Add button:

    2. In the Add directory path window, check the Add to all configurations and Add to all languages boxes:

    3. Select File system…, browse for ISSM_ROOT/firmware/lib/ipp/include, and press OK:

    4. When you are back to the Path and Symbols window, press Apply
    5. Refresh the project by pressing the <F5> key or right-clicking the mouse on the project name and selecting Refresh
  4. Add required paths and libraries to the project makefiles. To do this, open the file from the project files list and add the following lines after CFLAGS +=:

    LDLIBS +=-lippsq

    LDFLAGS += -L $(IPPROOT)/lib

    CFLAGS += -I$(IPPROOT)/include

  5. Refresh your project settings

Now you have setup the environment and can build and run your project with the Intel® IPP for Microcontrollers library. To check if all works fine, you can add the QM_PRINTF(" IPP used %s\r\n", (char*)ippsqGetLibVersion()); line after QM_PRINTF("hello, world\n"); and build the project (Project>Build All). Your Intel® IPP for Microcontrollers application should be built without errors now :

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