Sampler Cache Misses, messages

The Sampler Cache Misses, messages metric represents the number of bytes of texture data read from memory by the GPU due to texture cache misses when rendering this frame. Note that the Texture Sampler reads data from memory in 64-byte blocks, so this metric can be used to calculate the number of texture cache misses as follows:


  • If Sampler Cache Misses, messages is 64000, it means the Texture Sampler missed the cache 1000 times and needed to read 64000 bytes of memory.
  • If Sampler Cache Misses, messages is 0, it means that no texture data was read from memory for the selected ergs.


This metric is unreliable when protected HD media content is being played back on a system with Intel® HD Graphics 5000/ 4600 / 4400 / 4200, Intel® Iris™ graphics 5100, or Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics 5200 configuration.

Improving Performance

Usually a higher value for this metric leads to a higher percentage of Texture Sampler stalls. Therefore, utilize techniques that minimize the number of texture reads, such as shown in the "Improving Performance" section of the Sampler Stalled metric.

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