sgx_create_monotonic_counter creates a monotonic counter with default owner policy and default user attribute mask.


                        sgx_status_t sgx_create_monotonic_counter(
                                                 sgx_mc_uuid_t * counter_uuid,
                                                 uint32_t * counter_value



counter_uuid [out]

A pointer to the buffer that receives the monotonic counter ID. The pointer cannot be NULL.

counter_value [out]

A pointer to the buffer that receives the monotonic counter value. The pointer cannot be NULL.

Return value


Monotonic counter is created successfully.


Any of the pointers is invalid.


The requested service is temporarily not available.


The enclave has reached the quota of Monotonic Counters it can maintain.


Monotonic counters are used out.


Session is not created or has been closed by architectural enclave service.


The AE service did not respond or the requested service is not supported.


A request to the AE service timed out.


Network connecting or proxy setting issue was encountered.


Not enough memory is available to complete this operation.


There is not enough EPC memory to load one of the Architecture Enclaves needed to complete this operation.


Indicates an unexpected error occurs.


Call sgx_create_monotonic_counter to create a monotonic counter with the default owner policy 0x1, which means enclaves with same signing key can access the monotonic counter and default owner_attribute_mask 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFCB.

The caller should call sgx_create_pse_session to establish a session with the platform service enclave before calling this API.

Creating a monotonic counter (MC) involves writing to the non-volatile memory available in the platform. Repeated write operations could cause the memory to wear out during the normal lifecycle of the platform. Intel® SGX prevents this by limiting the rate at which MC operations can be performed. If you exceed the limit, the MC operation may return SGX_ERROR_BUSY for several minutes.

Intel SGX limits the number of MCs an enclave can create. To avoid exhausting the available quota, an Intel SGX application should record the MC UUID that sgx_create_monotonic_counter returns and destroy a MC when it is not needed any more. If an enclave reaches its quota and previously created MC UUIDs have not been recorded, you may restore the MC service after uninstalling the Intel SGX PSW and installing it again. This procedure deletes all MCs created by any enclave in that system.

One application is not able to access the monotonic counter created by another application in simulation mode. This also affects two different applications using the same enclave.



sgx_tae_service.h sgx_tae_service.edl


sgx_tservice.lib or sgx_tservice_sim.lib (simulation)

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