MIG OS Programmers Guide for the Intel® Joule™ Platform

This guide provides technical information about the architecture and general recipe of the Board Support Package (BSP) for the Intel Joule Developer Kit. The BSP image may not function nor enable all features of third-party expansion platforms. Additional pointers are provided for key pieces of source code, kernel libraries, development environment recommendations and insights to Intel authored patches. Some command examples and service responses are provided for specific domains where deemed important or unique; otherwise you are advised to consult the documentation and support resources for common libraries in use.


This guide is for software developers who are creating applications that exercise the features of the platform and for those who have a need to customize the  operating system image to support a specific design intent or form factor.


Note:  This document will not teach the reader how to program. Having an extensive knowledge of Linux, C, C++ and Java is required to utilize the information provided.


You should be familiar with the basic setup and operation of the Intel Joule Development Kit by completing basic tasks associated with flashing the BIOS, installing an operating system, configuring a development IDE and debug terminal. You should read and understand the Intel ® Joule Module Users Guide as a getting starting point before reading this Guide.


The information in this guide is aligned with the software release labeled TBD. and dated February 2017.


Test: Expanding hotspot: BIOS Basic Input Output System

Test: Glossary term: BIOS

Term Description
BIOS Basic Input output System
EFI Extensible Firmware Interface
HW Hardware
IoT Internet of Things
IDE Integrated Development Environment
OS Operating System
ROS Robot Operating System - http://wiki.ros.org
RTD3 Run Time D3 - a device state where power is disconnected https://www.sata-io.org/sites/default/files/documents/SATADevSleep-and-RTD3-WP-037-20120102-2_final.pdf TBD for research; not sure about link or add to references
SoM System on Module
SW Software
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter
UEFI Universal Extensible Firmware Interface
USB Universal Serial Bus - usb.org
WiFi* wifi.org
Joule OS Not sure we can use this -- looking for short term that makes content more readable; official name is ---    Intel Reference Linux* for IOT
IOT Reference OS Kit on Intel® Architecture The reference distribution that the Joule OS is built upon
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