Camera Power Optimization

A few options are available to reduce the power consumption of camera use cases.

Exercise caution when applying these BIOS settings since they can have an undesired influence on other use cases by effectively restraining the CPU clock frequency management.

BIOS Settings

In the BIOS system, navigate to the following menu:

Device Manager -> System Setup -> CPU Configuration -> CPU Power Management

Set both Intel Turbo Boost Technology and C-States to “Disable”

Set Power Limit 1 between 6 and 9 watts

Also see the Active Fan-Sink thermal solution to increase heat dissipation.

Set IPU clock

In addition, it is possible to limit the maximum IPU clock within an available range of 200 MHz – 600 MHz in 50 MHz steps by using this command format:

echo 300 > /sys/kernel/debug/0000\:00\:03.0/buttress/psys_force_freq


For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.