Intel Joule Module Questions

How do I set module maximum power to match my workload and cooling capacity?

See BIOS Power Settings for instructions.

What is the temperature range for operating the Intel Joule module?

The Intel Joule module is designed to operate normally while the Ambient Air Temperature remains between 0°C and 70°C. This assumes open air operation (no enclosure), no solar heating, and workloads that are appropriate for the cooling solution in use. See Mechanical and Environmental for more information. See also Heatsink Options for cooling solutions.

What is the maximum number of insertion cycles for the module?

The Hirose* DF40C-100DS-0.4V(51) board to board connectors are rated at 30 lifetime install and remove cycles. Search the internet for the part number to get the most current datasheet. See also Removal Tool for the Module.

How do I remove and reattach the module on the expansion board?

The best method is to 3D print a removal tool and follow these instructions.

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