Universal Serial Bus Interface Specifications

Available USB Ports

The Intel® Joule™ module provides two USB 3.0 ports; one Type C (OTG) and one USB 3.0 host mode and a USB 2 host port.

Signal Name Port Description
USB2_0_DP 0 USB 2 data positive
USB2_0_DN 0 USB 2 data negative
USB3_1_RX_DP 1 USB 3 receive data positive
USB3_1_RX_DN 1 USB 3 receive data negative
USB3_1_TX_DP 1 USB 3 transmit data positive
USB3_1_TX_DN 1 USB 3 transmit data negative


Note: The series capacitors required for the TX lines for USB 3.0 signals are already designed into the Intel® Joule™ module itself.

See also: USB Overview in the Expansion Board Design Guide, and USB Subsystem in the Expansion Board Hardware Guide.


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