Intel AMT with 802.1x

Intel AMT with 802.1x

Hi All,

We are tyring to implement Intel AMT with 802.1x using Cisco ISE and using machine auth.

If I unplug the power from the device and plug it back in, we see a successfull authentication. However if I start the workstation up and then shut it down the Workstation does not do a successful auth and thus fails to get onto our "logon" vlan.

It looks like the Workstation gets challenged by the the switch but intel AMT never responds. The actual ISE error is "Supplicant stopped responding to ISE during EAP-FAST tunnel establishment".

I am wondering if AMT has not started listening again after the OS has shutdown, so doesnt "hear" the challenge request.

If anyone could provide some insight that would be fantastic..



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I would go thru bizsupport for this question


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