Intel® System Studio 2018 Getting Started Guide for Linux* OS (Beta)

Intel® System Studio 2018 – The Big Picture

For device manufacturers, system integrators, and embedded application developers, Intel® System Studio 2018 provides a comprehensive set of software development tools that can be used to create solutions based on Intel® architectures. It includes a unified and easy to use IDE based on Eclipse* with Wind River and Intel extensions to make your experience consistent across all phases of the development cycle.

Intel System Studio 2018 is available in three editions. Each edition includes specific modules:

  • Composer Edition: Build module
  • Professional Edition: Build and Analyze modules
  • Ultimate Edition: Build, Analyze, and Debug modules

If you are an Internet of Things (IoT) developer, see Intel® System Studio User Guide for Internet of Things (IoT) C/C++ Development or Intel® System Studio for Internet of Things (IoT) Java* Development.

If you are a macOS* application developer, see Getting Started with Intel® System Studio 2018 for macOS* (Beta).

For information about creating remote applications using a pre-configured toolchain in a container that matches a remote target, see Intel® System Studio Cross System Development Guide.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.