Intel DL-SDK Training Tool - Server Restart Issue

Intel DL-SDK Training Tool - Server Restart Issue

Hello Everyone,

I have been facing an issue with the DL SDK Training Tool. The first time I installed the SDK() on UBUNTU 16.04), everyhting almost went smooth and I was able to launch the tool and train and test data with the help of the Training Tool.  Everything was going good.

Issue came when I tried to access the Training tool the next day. I was unable to access the same. How do I restart the server? I tried looking the SDK folder but was not able to find any server start script. So the next best things I did was tried to run the installation script, which ran without and issue. The server was up and running and I was able to see the login URL. However,  I was not able to login using my credentials. I tried changing the credentials used the reset script but to no luck. 

Kindly suggest if I need to do something else. I uninstalled the sdk and then reinstalled it again, but it didn't help(first time i was able to use it).



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Hello, Parag

Did you install the latest DL-SDK version? 

As a workaround, you can try clear browser cache

Best regards


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