IPP "Invalid Instruction" error on new machine

IPP "Invalid Instruction" error on new machine


We getting alot of IPP runtime errors when running our code on our new machine

here is one example when we run the ippsSet_64f

why is ippsk0 is loaded while our pc only support up to avx2

we are using IPP 2017

Here is the new machine configuration:


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IPP fixed the problem on the incorrect code dispatching for the Intel® AVX512 processor systems running with the OS that does not support AVX-512 instructions. The problem caused some Intel® IPP functions report "illegal instructions” errors. the fix of the problem has been available since 2018.2 version of IPP

Hi Zion,

guess you use too old CPU-Z version: Xeon 6130 supports AVX512 (https://ark.intel.com/products/120492/Intel-Xeon-Gold-6130-Processor-22M...) - therefore IPP correctly dispatches k0 code version - the problem is (was) that IPP 2017 doesn't check that AVX512 is supported by OS. Therefore, as Gennady mentioned above, - you should use the newer (fixed) IPP version, or install OS with AVX512 support.

regards, Igor

here you may see more details about this problem: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/issue-fix-illegal-instructions...

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