Attach Survey or Trip Counts & FLOP collection to a running process specified by the process ID.

GUI Equivalent

Project Properties > Analysis Target > [Analysis Type] > Attach to Process > PID




<integer> is a process ID.


No default argument

Actions Modified

collect=survey - with call stacks disabled (default)

collect=tripcounts - with call stacks disabled (default)


The usage scenario is similar to starting a target application with collection paused, except you can attach to an already running process.

Usage can decrease collection overhead.

Use the command action with the arguments shown below to:

  • detach - the process continues running but analysis data collection stops.

  • stop - kill the process, which also stops analysis data collection.


Attach Survey collection to the running process with the process ID 5.

$ advixe-cl --collect=survey --project-dir=./myAdvisorProj --target-pid=5

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