Intel® Advisor(Beta)

Design Software for Modern Hardware

Intel® Advisor is for software architects and developers who need the right information and recommendations to make the best design and optimization decisions.

Create code that maximizes modern hardware capabilities, efficiently offloads to accelerators, and effectively uses more cores and vectorization.

  • Determine which parts of your code will benefit from offloading to an accelerator.
  • Optimize CPU or GPU code for memory and compute with Roofline Analysis.
  • Enable more vector parallelism and improve its efficiency.
  • Model, tune, and test multiple threading designs.
  • Create and analyze data flow and dependency-computation using heterogeneous algorithms.

Intel Advisor has everything you'll find in the production version, plus the addition of a new Offload Advisor feature.

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Offload Where It Pays Off the Most

Use this command-line feature to design code for efficient offloading to accelerators—even before you have hardware. Estimate code performance and compare it with data transfer costs. No recompilation required.

Analyze Roofline for CPU and GPU

Optimize your CPU or GPU code for compute and memory. Locate bottlenecks and identify performance headroom for each loop or kernel to prioritize which optimizations will deliver the highest performance payoff.

Note GPU Roofline Analysis is in technical preview.

Build Heterogeneous Algorithms

Model and build heterogeneous computational graphs and decide which kernels will benefit from offloading to GPU or FPGA accelerators.

Design Well-Threaded & Vectorized Code

Develop performant software using vectorization optimization and thread prototyping capabilities.

Intel Advisor: Production Version

Learn about the capabilities in the currently shipping production version of this product.


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