Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Library(Beta)

High-Productivity APIs for Heterogeneous Computing

The Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Library is a companion to the Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Compiler and provides an alternative for C++ developers who create heterogeneous applications and solutions. Its APIs are based on familiar standards—C++ STL, Parallel STL (PSTL), Boost.Compute, and SYCL*—to maximize productivity and performance across CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.

  • Allows explicit use of the C++ STL API within accelerated DPC++ kernels
  • Streamline cross-architecture programming with Boost.Compute and PSTL algorithm extensions
  • Increase the successful application of parallel algorithms with custom iterators

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Inline Accelerator Targeting

Use device and host containers to target GPUs and FPGAs or run your code across multi-node CPUs.

Optimized C++ Standard Algorithms

Access 75 parallelized C++17 algorithms and utilities for efficient application development and deployment on a variety of hardware.

Integrated with Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool

This library complements all Intel® oneAPI DPC++ components to simplify migration of CUDA* applications to DPC++ code.

Documentation & Code Samples

Key Specifications


  • Intel® Core™ processors Gen 6 and newer
  • Intel® Xeon® processors


  • Intel® Processor Graphics Gen9


  • Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA

Host and target operating systems:

  • Windows*
  • Linux*

Programming languages:

  • Data Parallel C++ (DPC++)
  • C++

Development environments (optional):

  • Microsoft Visual Studio*
  • Eclipse*


For additional details, see the system requirements.

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