Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit(Beta)

Optimized Tools for High-Performance Computing

The Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit delivers what developers need to build, analyze, optimize, and scale high-performance computing (HPC) applications with the latest techniques in vectorization, multithreading, multi-node parallelization, and memory optimization.

This toolkit is an add-on to the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit (Base Kit). As such, it requires the Base Kit to be previously installed for full functionality, including access to the Intel® Distribution for Python*, the Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Compiler, powerful data-centric libraries, and advanced analysis tools.

HPC is everywhere—at the core of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning applications that are solving the world’s toughest problems. From crash simulation to weather forecasting to molecular modeling, this toolkit helps developers, researchers, and data scientists continue the work that makes our lives better. It enables them to deploy and scale compute-intensive workloads that realize the potential of Intel® CPUs and accelerators.

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Simplify implementation of HPC applications on CPUs and accelerators with Intel’s industry-leading compiler technology and libraries.


Quickly gauge how your application is performing, how resource use impacts your code, and where it can be optimized to ensure faster cross-architecture performance.


Deploy applications and solutions across shared memory and distributed memory (such as clusters) computing systems using the included standards-driven MPI library and benchmarks, MPI analyzer, cluster tuning tools, and cluster health-checking tools.

What’s Included

Intel® C++ Compiler(Beta)

Use this standards-based C++ compiler with support for OpenMP* to take advantage of more cores and built-in technologies in platforms based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Core™ processors.

Intel® Cluster Checker(Beta)

Verify that cluster components work together seamlessly for optimal performance, improved uptime, and lower total cost of ownership.

Intel® Fortran Compiler(Beta)

Generate optimized, scalable code for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Core™ processors with this standards-based Fortran compiler with support for OpenMP*.

Documentation & Code Samples

Key Specifications


  • Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
  • Intel® Core™ processors


  • Intel® Processor Graphics Gen9


  • Data Parallel C++ (DPC++)
    Note Must have Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit installed
  • C and C++
  • Fortran
    Note Requires Microsoft Visual Studio* on Windows
  • Python*
    Note Must have Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit installed

Operating systems:

  • Windows*
  • Linux*

Development environments:

  • Compatible with compilers from Microsoft, GCC, Intel, and others that follow established language standards
  • Windows: Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Linux: Eclipse*

Distributed environments:

  • MPI

Interconnect fabric support:

  • Shared memory
  • RDMA-capable network fabrics through a direct access programming library (DAPL), such as InfiniBand* and Myrinet*
  • Sockets such as TCP/IP over Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Extender*, and Intel® Omni-Path Architecture


For more information, see the system requirements.

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