Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks(Beta)

Advanced Threading for Fast Applications

Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) is a flexible performance library that simplifies the work of adding parallelism to complex applications, even if you’re not a threading expert.

oneTBB is ideal for a wide range of compute-intense domains, such as:

  • Numeric weather prediction
  • Oceanography
  • Astrophysics
  • Genetic engineering
  • Seismic exploration
  • AI and automation
  • Energy resource exploration
  • Socioeconomics

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oneTBB differs from typical threading packages in the following ways:

Specify Logical Performance, Not Threads

A runtime library automatically maps logical parallelism onto threads, making the most efficient use of processor resources.

Targets Threading for Performance

Focuses on the specific goal of parallelizing computationally intensive work, delivering higher-level, simpler solutions.

Compatible with Other Threading Packages

Can coexist seamlessly with other threading packages. This gives you the flexibility to keep your legacy code as-is and use oneTBB for new implementations.

Emphasizes Scalable, Data-Parallel Programming

Rather than breaking up a program into functional blocks and assigning a separate thread to each, oneTBB emphasizes data-parallel programming, enabling multiple threads to work on different parts of a collection. This scales well to larger numbers of processors by dividing the collection into smaller pieces. Program performance increases as you add processors and accelerators.

Threading Building Blocks 2019 and Previous Versions

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