Igniting Sparks of Innovation

Intel's involvement with Open Source runs deep.

Open Source In Action

Extract Business Value from Big Data

Traditional infrastructure cannot handle today’s massive, diverse, and fast-moving data streams. Read how Apache Hadoop* provides a foundation you can implement today for targeted value, and then expand to meet growing needs.

Reference Architecture: Predictive Analytics and Interactive Queries on Big Data

Intel IT has implemented use cases for big data analysis delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in business value. Read about the technologies and strategies that make them possible.

Configuration and Deployment Guide for the Apache Cassandra* NoSQL Data Store on Intel® Architecture

Deploy the Apache Cassandra* NoSQL database with Intel® Xeon® processor-based and Intel® Atom™ processor-based servers, taking into account differing business scenarios, performance requirements, and TCO objectives.

Perform Predictive Analytics and Interactive Queries on Big Data

Learn how to design a practical, cost-effective infrastructure for supporting data-driven decision making on an enterprise scale using all available data, including operational data and poly-structured data from logs, social networks, sensors, and many other sources.

Use All Your Data to Compete and Win

How you analyze big data is as important as the data itself. This paper focuses on descriptive analysis, interactive queries, and predictive analytics.

Configuration and Deployment Guide for OpenStack Swift* Object Storage on Intel® Atom™ Processor and Intel® Xeon® Processor Microservers

Use these benchmark results on microservers based on the Intel Atom processor and on the Intel Xeon processor E3 family to help you design and build OpenStack Swift* object storage in cloud environments.

Turn Big Data into Big Value

These three usage models can help you implement a flexible and efficient big data infrastructure. Intel innovations in silicon, systems, and software can help you to deploy these and other big data solutions with optimal performance, cost, and energy efficiency.

Mechanisms to Protect Data in the Open Cloud

Thanks to open source software contributions by Intel, data centers can now address key security concerns associated with cloud computing.

MinnowBoard* Lands Top Innovation Award

The first Intel architecture-based open source board for the small form factor, low-cost embedded market, MinnowBoard* was named a Top Embedded Innovation and was featured on the front cover of Embedded Computing Design.

Releasing Clouds of Data

The San Diego Supercomputer Center created a massive storage cloud based on OpenStack* and other open source software that makes data easily accessible by researchers and at a low cost.

Streamlining Embedded Linux* Development

Using the Yocto Project* to create a custom embedded Linux* OS running on systems based on the Intel Atom processor saved Hydrosix development time and lowered production costs significantly.

Creating Automated Hosting Services

Capitalizing on open source software deployed on Intel® architecture, Canada-based iWeb rapidly creates affordable, reliable, and scalable Internet host infrastructure solutions.

Linux* Kernel Scalability Advances

Scalability projects to tailor the Linux* kernel and stack to multi-core Intel® architecture platforms have yielded great results. Discover how developers equip Linux* for enterprise-caliber workloads.

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