Igniting Sparks of Innovation

Intel's involvement with Open Source runs deep.

Discovery and Technology Breakthroughs from the Open IP Model in Academia

Funding academic research opens up new technologies and inspires the next generation of coders. Intel provides generous funding to projects with the stipulation that results of research and code produced are released to the community under an Open Intellectual Property model.


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Seeding Future Technology Breakthroughs: Open Source Inspires Collaboration in Academia

Landmark technology breakthroughs in computing frequently arise from a wellspring of ideas in universities and research centers around the world. Applying open source principles to academic pursuits accelerates technology innovation and brings together top professionals and researchers, bypassing intellectual property considerations that may otherwise impede research progress.

Big Data, Big Vision, Small Budget: Cloud Computing at Clemson (PDF)

Leveraging OpenStack* software for the HPC cloud, Clemson’s enterprise computing platforms delivers a balanced blend of cost-effectiveness, performance, and scalability. Clemson’s storage needs have doubled over two years, now exceeding 8 PB, so more sophisticated analytics are needed as they move into the era of big data.

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An Open IP Model of a Different Kind

At Carnegie Mellon University—the hub for the Intel Science and Technology Center for Embedded Computing—the Open IP model ensures that discoveries will be shared around the world.