Igniting Sparks of Innovation

Intel's involvement with Open Source runs deep.

Building Next-Generation Solutions for Customers

Open source practices and the many resources available through Intel provide a well-defined path for planning, designing, and deploying solutions that bring exceptional experiences to end users. Examples of solutions based on Intel® architecture and success stories from our partners and customers illustrate the techniques and technologies through which innovative solutions are born.


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Open Source In Action

Releasing Clouds of Data to Facilitate the Spread of Knowledge

The San Diego Supercomputer Center created a massive storage cloud based on OpenStack* and other open source software running on Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers that that makes data of virtually any type accessible by researchers easily and at a low cost.

Open Source on Intel® Architecture Enables Web Innovation

To improve server utilization for their family of Internet-based information products, Sohu.com, a large web services provider in China, turned to the Xen* hypervisor and an Intel® architecture-based hardware platform where provisioning through Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager was available. Sohu.com successfully doubled server utilization.

Accelerating Innovation for Embedded Automation

Creating a customized, embedded Linux* application used to be a tedious, time-consuming process. With the Yocto Project*, ADI discovered a streamlined development environment in which to build a sophisticated energy-monitoring device for Infergence in just three months.

Leveraging Open Source for Automated Hosting Services

Using open source software on Intel® processors, iWeb, one of the largest internet/cloud hosting providers in Canada, creates affordable, reliable, and scalable Internet host infrastructure solutions within shortened development cycles.