Igniting Sparks of Innovation

Intel's involvement with Open Source runs deep.

Your Technology Destiny Reimagined through the Open Source Ecosystem

For companies that leverage open source software as a platform to build their own differentiated solutions and deliver additional value to their end-customers, there is a tremendous opportunity to increase revenue and reduce costs. For ISVs alone, the open source market is an approximately USD $13 billion software market that sits on top of the USD $1 billion OS market.


Ecosystem Highlight 1

SUSE Linux* Powers 147,456-Core German Supercomputer

The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences recently celebrated its 50th anniversary by launching the SuperMUC, the world’s fourth most powerful supercomputer. The system, which was built by IBM and runs SUSE Linux* Enterprise Server, has the distinction of being the single fastest x86-based supercomputer and the fastest supercomputer in Europe.


Operating System Vendors

Operating System Vendors - Canonical


Canonical and Intel collaborate on optimization of the open source operating system Ubuntu* for a variety of Intel® platforms, from mobile computing devices to servers. This collaboration has strengthened as Canonical and the Ubuntu* community have seen many successful products enter the market, with the world’s leading OEMs shipping Ubuntu*-based machines on Intel platforms.

Operating System Vendors - CS2C


The China Standard Software Company (CS2C) collaborates on research, development, and joint marketing with Intel. With offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, CS2C produces NeoKylin* Linux* Desktop Series, NeoKylin* Linux* Server Series, NeoShine* Office Suite, and NeoLite* Mobile Series products. These products deliver excellent results on Intel platforms, with a large installed base in the government and financial services, energy, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

Operating System Vendors - Linpus


Linpus brings user-friendly open source solutions to the mass consumer market and collaborates with Intel on many levels. With expertise in the consumer device bundle market, the company ships millions of its operating systems and applications on the Intel® Atom™ processor platform and also hosts applications for Android* on x86, and features HTML5 support across all products.

Operating System Vendors - Miracle


With origins in Japan, the Miracle Linux* distribution has been re-engineered for security and efficiency in enterprise deployments, particularly as a high-performance back-end server for workgroups. The latest releases support the Intel® 64 platform.

Operating System Vendors - Montavista


MontaVista specializes in commercial, embedded Linux* deployments. Founded in 1999, MontaVista is an active community member in open source, serving as member, sponsor, co-founder, director, board member, or chair of more than 20 open source organizations. MontaVista has worked closely with Intel on numerous optimization efforts to tailor products for Intel® architecture features.

Operating System Vendors - Phoenix Technologies

Phoenix Technologies

As a pioneer of the PC BIOS, Phoenix Technologies designs, develops, and supports core system software and has been a key contributor to the open source Tiano* project. Intel and Phoenix Technologies have worked together closely on technology advances and projects such as UEFI.

Operating System Vendors - Pixart


Pixart produces the Rxart* Desktop and Rxart* Server Linux*-based operating systems, which are engineered to provide exceptional results on the full range of Intel® architectures. Rxart* was selected as the operating system for the Intel Classmate PC by the government of Venuzuela. Pixart operating systems are Spanish-language-based and primarily serve markets in Latin America.

Operating System Vendors - LinuxChina

Linux* China

Red Flag Software Company optimizes Red Flag Linux* and its other software applications to achieve optimal performance, stability and efficiency on Intel® processor-based servers and desktops along with mobile and embedded devices. The company has introduced a number of innovative mobile computing products and has developed an Intel® Atom™ processor-based software platform for in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Operating System Vendors - RedHat

Red Hat

Intel and Red Hat are building on a 13-year history of developing foundational building blocks for open source innovation. On top of these building blocks, server technologies and virtualization technologies have been enabled, providing open, collaborative solutions to end customers—with higher value and lower cost than they have ever seen.

Operating System Vendors - Splashtop


The Splashtop Linux*-based software platform provides "instant-on" capability for notebooks, desktops, web-centric netbooks, nettops, and other devices, featuring optimization for Intel platforms. Splashtop allows users to rapidly access the Internet and key applications without booting the main operating system.

Operating System Vendors - SUSE


SUSE, formerly Novell, and Intel have a decades-long history of collaboration that helps ensure ongoing leadership. Engineering teams at the two companies regularly work on-site at one another’s locations to co-optimize their software and hardware products. The result is a continuously evolving trajectory of increasing performance, flexibility, and reliability, with SUSE Linux* Enterprise optimized for each generation of Intel processor-based platforms for both PCs and servers.

Operating System Vendors - Turbolinux


As a provider of Linux* operating systems for use in Japan and China, Turbolinux collaborates with Intel to be early to market with support for the latest Intel platform features. The Turbolinux business model includes integration of its operating system with software offerings from established industry leaders. TurboLinux products are well positioned to benefit from the broad Intel ecosystem.

Operating System Vendors - Wind

Wind River

Founded in 1981, Wind River has been in the business of embedded software and development tools for the last 30 years. As the number one leader in the commercial Linux* space and number one in embedded hypervisors, Wind River also is a leading contributor to open source projects.