Igniting Sparks of Innovation

Intel's involvement with Open Source runs deep.

Maximize Coding Efforts with Tools, SDKs, and Libraries from Intel

To make it as easy as possible for programmers to access next-generation processor technologies, Intel offers a powerful slate of software development tools that enhance the development, debugging, tuning, and deployment of open source-based solutions. Support includes creation and contributions to open source tools, such as Intel® Threading Building Blocks, GCC, Eclipse*, Intel® Software Development Products targeted for Linux*, and HiTune and HiBench tools for Hadoop*. Training, forums, and tool sets available from the open source community round out the resources available to developers.


James Reinders on How Intel Tools Support Open Source Software

James Reinders, chief software evangelist at Intel, discusses community openness and the ways in which Intel tools support open source. Topping the list: support for Linux*, strengthening standards, and the creation of many open source projects.

Intel Tools & Resources

Through the use of Intel® Software Development Products, open source developers can take utmost advantage of the latest Intel technologies, creating well-tuned software more quickly. These tools are designed for compatibility with other popular open source development tools, such as Eclipse* and the GNU toolchain. Also, in the best tradition of open source, Intel helps to ensure that a vibrant community exists around its tool offerings — from documentation and training to blogs, forums, and other social resources.

Intel® Software Development Products for Linux*

From compilers, performance libraries, and error-checking tools to cluster tools and comprehensive development kits, Intel helps Linux developers take full advantage of the capabilities of Intel® architecture.
Intel® Software Development Products for Linux*

Intel® System Studio

This tool suite helps simplify the process of creating cross-platform software for multiple low-power devices based on the Intel® Atom™ processor.
Intel® System Studio

Multi-Core Development Tools

As a leading driver of multi-core platform technologies, Intel is committed to simplifying the process of developing parallel software through the creation of tools that implement, troubleshoot, and tune parallel code.
Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Open Source Tools & Resources

Intel contributes to and initiates projects such as Eclipse*, GCC, and Intel® Threading Building Blocks that play significant roles in the development and distribution of leading software development tools. The goal of each is to create and maintain a community around the tools and related code and usage models.

HiTune and HiBench for Hadoop*

As organizations turn to open source for Big Data solutions, two Intel tools, HiTune and HiBench, make it easier to benchmark, tune, and optimize Hadoop clusters.
HiTune Performance Analyzer
HiBench Benchmark Suite

Tools Resources - Hadoop


Open development platform comprising extensible frameworks, tools, and runtimes to build, deploy, and manage software throughout the life cycle.


Tools Resources - Eclipse


Open source project that aims to improve the compiler used in the GNU system, including the GNU/Linux* variant.


Tools Resources - GCC

Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Open source components that help the software ecosystem take advantage of multiple cores and multi-threading capabilities of multi-core Intel® processors.

Tools Resources - Threading