Analyzing a Kernel

To start running an analysis:

  1. Select the session you are interested in from the Code Builder Session Explorer
    If you don't see the Code Builder Session Explorer dialog, go to: Tools > Intel Code Builder for OpenCL API > OpenCL Kernel Development > Windows > Code Builder Session Explorer.
  2. Optionally, select a configuration from the Code Builder Analysis Input pane:
    1. Select the desired configuration from the down button next to the Configuration ID field, or from the Configurations folder in the Code Builder Session Explorer
      You can also click
      New configuration button new configuration buttonto create a new configuration based on the selected configuration.
  3. Select the kernel that you want to analyze from the Select Kernel combobox in the Code Builder Analyze toolbar and click the Analyze button to start analyzing the selected kernel with the selected configuration.
    Select Kernel combobox with Run and Analyze dropdown options
    Alternatively, right-click the session from the Code Builder Session Explorer and select Analyze to run the selected analysis with the selected configuration.

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