Command Queue View

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™Applications - API Debugger plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE provides Command Queue View, which enables tracking the execution status of enqueued commands (issued by clEnqueue API call).

The status for a command can be one of the following options:

  • Submitted
  • Running
  • Completed

The Command Queue View also displays events for a particular command-queue (Separate Queues) or for all events from all queues (Unify Queues).

Access the Command Queue View by selecting Tools > Intel Code Builder for OpenCL API > OpenCL API Debugger > Command Queue View.

Use the following buttons to control the Command Queue View:

  • Save As... - enables dumping the current status of commands to a text file for a later investigation.
  • Unify Queues - enables to view all commands across all queues.
    Also note the following:
    • When working in the Unified queues mode, each entry is added a suffix of the form: CQ [NUMBER], which indicates the command-queue number, with which the command is associated.
    • For example: TASK(3) CQ[1], indicates that the 3rd command enqueued to some queue is a clEnqueueTask command, and is associated with Command-Queue [1].
    • Each queue has a color and all its corresponding commands have the color of the queue. Such differentiation makes it easy to spot in the eye the corresponding queues of the commands in question:

      Command-queues in the Objects Tree view share the same color in the view as their color in the Command Queue view.

    • The Unify Queues button changes into Separate Queues button after being clicked, which does the opposite operation and shows events status per queue.
  • Separate Queues - appears when working in Unified mode after clicking Unify Queues, and does the opposite to Unify Queues operation, which is showing the commands per-queue. First select the queue from the drop-down list under the Save As... button, then the view updates with the commands that are associated with the selected queue.

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