Execution View

The top part of the Execution View enables you to see the tested global and local size best and the worst configurations, based on median execution time. In case only one configuration exists, the result appears in both result windows.

The table below enables you to see statistical analysis results for all configurations. The statistics consists of the following iteration execution time values for the selected configuration:

  • Median
  • Average
  • Standard deviation
  • Maximum
  • Minimum

Expanding each row in the table enables you to see the total run time, the breakdown to queue, submit and execute times per iteration for the given configuration.

Kernel Development Framework, Execution view

The Execution View provides the following features

  • Best configuration in terms of median execution time is marked in blue. Click on the blue summary line on the top of the view to open the results.
  • Click the [...] link under the Variables column to view the list of the kernel  input/output variables
  • Click on a variable name in the list to view the variable content

Execution View with Variable content details

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