Memory Tracing

Memory tracing enables the user to capture the session of the debugging into a file, and also to load a previously stored state into the views.

The stored state contains:

  • State of all the views - this includes all the data that is filled in the various views of the plug-in
  • Images bitmaps (if Enable Images Bitmap Tracing is on)
  • Memory objects raw data (if Enable Raw Data Tracing is on)

The state can be stored by either of the following ways:

  • Automatically when host application ends
  • Manually, by going to: Trace View > Save > Save Session (.trace)

The automatic memory tracing contains:

  • State of all the views
  • CSV of all API calls that occurred during the execution

This option creates a separate directory for each captured session of the plug-in. The directory is stored under the Output Folder specified in the same window. To enable automatic memory tracing see Configuring the API Debugger.

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