Problems View

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™Applications - API Debugger plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE provides the Problems View that summarizes into a single view all errors and warnings that occurred during the execution.

To access the view, select Tools > Intel Code Builder for OpenCL API > OpenCL API Debugger > Problems View.

Problems View supports the following features:

  • Displaying warnings and errors of kernel compilation.
  • Showing uninitialized kernel arguments, each one of them is set by calling clSetKernelArg() for each argument.
  • Releasing OpenCL objects in the out-of-order mode, for example, when you release a program object before releasing its kernels (clReleaseProgram before clReleaseKernel).
  • Resource leaks: at the end of the program, an error entry is added for each OpenCL resource (programs, buffers, images, and so on) that is not released
  • API call failures - when an OpenCL API call fails, an error entry is added to the problems view. You can right-click the entry, to jump to the line item in the trace view that caused the failure.

Double-clicking an error in the Problems View opens the compilation error log message in the code editing area.

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