Memory And Storage Converge

Develop innovative solutions that maximize memory capacity, data resiliency, and performance using Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.

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Step 1:

Learn About Persistent Memory Uses

How can this technology address your use case memory challenges?

Step 2:

Analyze Your Application

Use the Platform Profiler for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier to learn how your application can benefit from large capacity persistent or volatile memory.

Step 3:

Configure Your Platform

Set up your platform for emulation or provision with Intel Optane DC memory modules.

Step 4:

Develop Software with the Persistent Memory Development Kit

Simplify access to persistent memory using this set of libraries and tools.


This premier performance profiler now has additional capabilities to help you optimize your persistent memory programs.


Platform Profiler

Analyze systems over longer time periods. Find out which workloads can benefit from larger memory allocations and which system configuration better fits the workloads.

Memory Access Profiling

Find code that is sensitive to memory bandwidth and latency issues. Identify hot, warm, or cool data to optimize memory usage and placement.

I/O Profiling

Identify opportunities to replace disk or SSD-based storage with faster persistent memory.

intel inspector persistent inspector

Intel® Inspector—Persistence Inspector

Included in Intel® Parallel Studio XE, this tool finds persistence errors quickly to make software fast and reliable. It checks to make sure all caches are only flushed once to persistent memory and written in the correct order.


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