Get Started

Set up your development environment, and learn how to use the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK) to create a new application or update an existing program to use persistent memory.

Set Up Your Development Environment


Download a prebuilt package for 64-bit Linux* or get a copy of the current tree from GitHub*.


Integrate libraries from the PMDK into a Microsoft Visual Studio* 2016 project. Source files and compiled files are available on GitHub.

Get High-Level Language Support

The PMDK provides C and C++ support for application developers. Java* and Python* interfaces are under development for cloud-native apps.

Validate Your Applications

Functional Testing

Once your code sample is ready, test it on any operating system that supports memory mapped files. You do not need actual persistent memory hardware or emulation of persistent memory.


Performance Testing

Emulate persistent memory with regular dynamic random access memory (DRAM) on an Intel® processor that runs a Linux* kernel version 4.3 or higher.




Manage and analyze persistent memory pools with this stand-alone utility.


Use dynamic runtime analysis with an enhanced version of Valgrind* for use with persistent memory.