Develop a Persistent Memory Application

Use the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK) to create a new application that takes advantage of Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.

Operating Modes

Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules support two operating modes:

  • Memory Mode enables an application to operate on a large pool of volatile memory without modification.
  • App Direct Mode offers a low-latency, byte-addressable pool of persistent memory.

Use the information here to help you develop an application with low latency, high availability, and data persistence.

Key Concepts

Programming to byte-addressable persistent memory requires new ways of thinking about data persistence and consistency.

What You Need to Know

About the PMDK

The PMDK is an open source collection of libraries and tools designed to simplify development, debugging, and management of persistent memory-aware applications.

PMDK Overview

Configure Development Environment


Choose from several support options for Windows Server 2019. Access guidance from Microsoft* for Windows Server* 2016.


Set Up The PMDK

Get High-Level Language Support

Learn PMDK basics with introductory tutorials and code samples.

Debug & Troubleshooting Tools

PMDK Tools


Perform dynamic run-time analysis with an enhanced version of Valgrind*.


Manage and analyze persistent memory pools with this stand-alone utility.