Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

This premier performance profiler has new capabilities to help you optimize your persistent memory programs.

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Analyze systems over longer intervals. Find out which workloads can benefit from larger memory allocations and which system configuration better fits the workloads.

Locate code that is sensitive to memory bandwidth and latency issues. Identify hot, warm, or cool data to optimize memory usage and placement.

Identify opportunities to replace disk or SSD-based storage with faster persistent memory.

inspector interface

Intel® Inspector—Persistence Inspector

This tool finds persistence errors quickly to make software fast and reliable. It checks that all caches only flush once to persistent memory and are written in the correct order.

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How to Detect Errors

Open Source Tools

Manage persistent memory modules, check for programming errors, and evaluate performance.


Learn about error handling on persistent memory.

Get an overview of persistent memory tools.

Test the PMDK using FIO workloads.


Manage the Linux* LIBNVDIMM kernel subsystem.

Perform a dynamic runtime analysis with an enhanced version of Valgrind*.

Manage and analyze persistent memory pools with this stand-alone utility.

Run benchmarks with FIO.

Build and run PMDK benchmarks.