System Debug & Trace for Tool Vendors

Consistent frameworks with standardized platform interfaces help you develop and implement system debug and trace tools for Intel® architecture.


Available for free under a nondisclosure agreement (NDA)


This software framework includes a set of system debug and trace APIs. They expose platform state information and protocol decoders and provide low-level target access.

Intel® Trace Framework

Intel® Trace Hub Support Library

This collection of software libraries supports the Intel® Trace Hub. It provides time correlation between software, firmware, and hardware traces to provide a system-wide view of the platform’s behavior.

Intel® Processor Trace Decoder Library

This minimally intrusive trace solution provides precise control flow and performance information in a compressed binary format. Use this set of APIs to help the instruction trace mechanism in Intel® hardware analyze the past execution flow.

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Intel® Debug Framework

Intel® Debug Support Library

Business logic and a set of APIs enable execution control and architectural state access for Intel® processors over a JTAG interface. Use this library to quickly implement a JTAG-based debug tool.