Intel® Trace Framework

Expose platform state information to help debug platforms.

Intel® Trace Hub Support Library

This library contains several trace protocol decoders, configuration modules, and a test environment in the source code. It contains these resources:

  • System Visible Event Nexus (SVEN) Target Instrumentation and Decoder Library
  • MIPI System Trace Protocol (MIPI STP)* decoder, version 2
  • Hardware trace decoder
  • Trace decoder runtime environment (to plug in decoders for multiple, different trace sources)
  • Intel® Trace Hub configuration software module

Intel® Processor Trace Decoder Library

Log information about program execution without significant system slowdown or interruption. Decode raw binary data that the hardware generates. The package contains these resources:

  • Trace packet encoding and decoding
  • Execution event reconstruction (packet binding)
  • Control flow reconstruction
  • Implementation examples for tools
  • Testing tool

Intel® Debug Framework

Access a set of libraries that help you develop system debug tools.

  • Debug tool developers get low-level target access
  • Third-party vendors can reuse and adapt functional blocks

Intel® Debug Support Library

This library contains a set of APIs that facilitate software debugging on Intel® architecture and supplies common functionality such as:

  • Breakpoint setting
  • Step, run, and stop execution control
  • Memory, model-specific, and system-on-a-chip (SoC) levels of register accesses

Debug tool developers can quickly implement a debug solution for platforms based on Intel architecture.

This library is a middleware service application that can be programmed using a well-defined API signature, which is called the interprocess communication (IPC) API. The library is built around these basic functional clusters:

  • Execution control
  • Memory access
  • Register access
  • Breakpoints