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Greedy Grub

Project description:

Welcome to Greedy Grub! The Magic Forest was destroyed after a very rough winter but spring is here and a new cycle can begin... Are you ready to replant the whole Forest? Embody Grub, a young worm promoted Assistant Mayor, and plant dozens of amazing and wonderful trees to restore the forest to its original splendor. Greedy Grub is a simulation game where the player needs to replant a forest, accomplish quests given by the villagers and resolve the mystery of the Eye Tree.

Use of Intel Tools/SDK:

We have been using the Android NDK for Intel Architecture and been able to compile for both platforms.

Stand out features:

Help Grub to craft, plant & harvest wonderful trees to revive the Magical Forest after a harsh winter! / / √ Live the main storyline by completing an assortment of exciting missions / √ Unlock the brand-new Greedy Grub comic book! / √ Plant and collect over 50 different trees such as juicy Burger Trees, rich Milk Trees, raw Sushi Trees... and many more! / √ Craft new species of trees at the Laboratory... but mind the Machine! / √ Visit us often to earn more Azurites ! / √ More than 70 rewarding quests ranging from Forest restoration to day-to-day tasks / √ Collect over 500 different objects -- including animated ones -- to decorate your Forest and make it unique! / √ Befriend the Forest’s eccentric residents / √ Create your player account (optional, not required) to save your progression online and restore it on any other device / √ Add other players as friends, visit their unique forest, send them personal messages or gift objects / √ Several mini-games are included

Gaps / Areas Required to Further this App:

We have won the Paris Android Code Fest event and we would love to benefit from editiorial support to push further this game towards kids and family.

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