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Hostel HookApp

Project description:

Hostel Hook App is a platform based on the Android Mobile Application as well as an interactive website that will help students to find and reserve rooms in hostels of their choice near their respective universities online and make periodic payments.
What it offers
  • Online booking of rooms by university students from the comfort of their homes
  • Securing of rooms and accommodation of their choice by tenants
  • Easy pay service for rent
  • Advertising and listing of new rentals and accommodation areas for landlords
  • Ideal rooms and accommodation services by students on trips
  • Platform to compare rent charges, rentals location and services
The Hostel Hook-App is a platform that provides for both the Android mobile phone users and an interactive website that users mostly students will download to their phones or visit the website and be able to make reservations in advance in their preferred hostels and apartments online from the comfort of home as opposed to travelling all the way to find these hostels physically and make reservations.
The GPS Mapping system in the application will provide students with the location of the hostels as well as the distance from the University among other features.
The Hook-App comes with the description of the hostels and the students thereby enabling the students secure rooms of their choice i.e. whether a rental, a bedsitter or a double room with inside catering or not.
This platform will enable many students to secure rooms in advance so as to avoid the difficulties usually encountered on the opening day such as scrambling for rooms.

Use of Intel Tools/SDK:

It uses Android SDK version 2.1 and later versions

Stand out features:

Accounting ability for the tenants

Gaps / Areas Required to Further this App:

Need to make it Cross platform

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