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iMed 101

Project description:

Imed 101 is an m-health Android application. It's a one stop shop for all health issues from BMI calculators, daily calories calculator, finding the nearest hospital on Google maps, addiction solutions, diseases to locating an accident spot. It's mainly a database containing information on most of the diseases affecting humanity with details on causes, symptoms, synopsis, probable treatment e.t.c.
We have information on over 500 diseases symptoms, synopsis, causes and treatment options.
It has a Google maps functionality for finding the nearest hospital, doctor ], clinic e.t.c by the click of a button.
You can also use it to calculate your BMI and daily calories intake. Weight management information is also included.
If you, your friend or family has addiction problems then look no further, we have provided you with information on ways of tackling addiction from cocaine addiction, heroine to tobacco et al.
I hope it will be useful to a human being somewhere on the planet, that's why it's free. Your donations will be highly appreciated in order to keep this great cause moving.

Use of Intel Tools/SDK:

Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager.The traditional Android SDK emulation system was slow on my system and I needed a faster emulator that's where it can in to play as the intel HAXM speeds up App emulation on host device.

Stand out features:

Its open source. Its free. Its information is up-to date. It provides information on over 200 diseases, their causes, symptoms and cure. Google maps integration for finding nearest hospital or emergency units. Simple to use.

Gaps / Areas Required to Further this App:

Integrate cross platform application on iOS and blackberry. To implement app analytic to track its uses and areas where most downloads occur.

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