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Sound Pranker

Project description:

With Sound Pranker you can play pranks on your friends!

Sound Pranker contains 5 categories and over 120 different sounds ranging from fire alarms to the sound of
a knife scraping a glass bottle. The 5 categories consist of:

★ Annoying Sounds
★ Gross Sounds
★ TV Sounds
★ Funny Sounds
★ Conspiracy Sounds

::PRO TIPs::
- Ensure your volume is set to the max in your phones settings.
- On the app click the 'Sound Looping' checkboxes to ensure pranks are annoying as possible.

Under No Circumstances Should You EVER...

★ Play the Smoke Alarm prank inside a crowded classroom.
★ Play the Air Raid sound near someone with PTSD.
★ Play the Car Alarm prank and leave it on all night while you use ear-plugs.
★ Play the Church Bell during mass.
★ Play the Crying Baby prank and hide the phone inside a pram.
★ Play the Dog Whistle prank around angry dogs.
★ Play the Fart prank in the library
★ Play the Sneeze prank in a virus de-contamination centre.
★ Play the Vomit prank at a Bulimia meeting
★ Play the Use Your Wand prank when the conductor takes their place
★ Play the Truth prank when the judge makes you swear to tell the truth
★ Play the Tardis prank when you visit the doctor
★ Play the Scarface prank at your weekly trans-gender meeting
★ Play the Loony Tunes prank at a funeral
★ Play the Glass Break prank at an antique store



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Stand out features:

Over 120 sounds

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