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Supporting qualified students, educators, academic researchers and open source contributors

Free Tools for Classroom Educators

Intel provides educators Intel® Software Development Products at no cost to help teach students new skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The program includes user forum support.

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  • Professors and educators at degree-granting institutions of higher education.
  • Educators must provide an academic institution email address to qualify for this program.
  • Intel® Software Development Products can only be used in a classroom setting to assist in teaching.

Free Software

Intel® Parallel Studio XE
Includes high-performance compilers, libraries, parallel models, a threading and vectorization advisor, the Intel® Vtune™ Amplifier performance profiler, a memory and threading debugger, and more.

Linux*  Windows*  macOS*(C++)  macOS(Fortran)

Intel® Distribution for Python*
Access accelerated Python packages such as NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn*, and easy access to Conda*, Numba*, Cython, and pyDAAL.

Intel® System Studio
Delivers tools and libraries to build, perform system-wide debug and trace, optimize, and analyze code on Intel® architecture.

Linux* and Android*  Windows*

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