The Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Windows*, the SDK components, and depth camera managers for the F200, SR300, and R200 versions will no longer be updated. You may continue to use the SDK with limited support, or use the Intel® RealSense™ Cross Platform API for camera access, and then develop on other platforms via GitHub*.

For the Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0—our next generation SDK—support will only be available for Intel® RealSense™ cameras SR300 and D400-Series through GitHub.



Using Intel® RealSense™ technology, integrate hand and finger tracking, facial analysis, speech recognition, background segmentation, and more into your applications.


Cursor Mode

For specific UI applications that require delicate hand accuracy and stability, with specific gestures that can be used for multiple UI purposes.

Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition

For games and applications that require multiple hand gestures without the need for accurate hand tracking.

Face Tracking and Recognition

Identifies the presence of faces in the camera’s range or individual facial features. Supports 78 landmark points for increased accuracy and true 3D face detection, as well as roll, pitch, and yaw of the face.

3D Scanning

Reconstructs the shape and appearance of stationary objects from a sequence of images taken from various angles. Using segmentation and tracking techniques, the image sequence is converted into a 3D triangle mesh (for example, the PLY file format) for simulation, editing and printing, or analysis.

User Background Segmentation

Generates a segmented image per frame, which can be used to remove or replace portions of the image behind the user's head and shoulders.


2016 R3 Individual Components
Essentials | Release Notes
Cursor Mode | Release Notes
3D Scan | Release Notes
User Background Segmentation | Release Notes
Face Tracking and Recognition | Release Notes
Full Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition | Release Notes

2016 R2
Full SDK

Intel® RealSense™ Camera F200 Firmware
Release Notes

Intel® RealSense™ Camera SR300 Firmware
Release Notes

Intel® RealSense™ Camera R200 Firmware
Release Notes


Additional Resources

YouTube* Channel
User Forum (Archive and community support for installation questions and issues)

Within the SDK, there are many resources to help you learn all the capabilities. After installing the SDK, they can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\RSSDK\doc.

2016 R3 Technical Specifications

Required Hardware F200: 4th generation (or later) Intel® Core™ processor
SR300: 6th generation (or later) Intel® Core™ processor
8 GB free hard disk space
Supported systems: Ultrabook™ devices, notebooks, 2 in 1s, and all-in-one PCs
An Intel® RealSense™ camera SR300 or F200
Required Operating System F200: Microsoft Windows* 8.1 or 10 64 bit
SR300: Microsoft Windows® 10 64 bit
Supported Intel® RealSense™ Cameras SR300
Supported Languages C++,
C# (Microsoft .NET* 4.0 Framework is required)
IDE for Samples and Tutorials Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010-2015 or newer
Unity* Pro 5.2.3.p3 or later for Unity game development