Develop Immersive Experiences

Intel® RealSense™ Camera (SR300)

Natural interaction, immersive, collaboration, gaming and learning, 3D scanning


Intel® RealSense™ Camera (R200)

Augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D scanning, content creation


Intel® RealSense™ SDK For Windows*

Integrate tracking, facial analysis, speech recognition, augmented reality, and more into your apps


Intel® RealSense™ Cross Platform API

Access depth data across multiple platforms: Linux*, ROS, Windows*, OS X*


Intel® RealSense™ Robotic Development Kit

Bridge the gap between rapid prototyping and final product design.


Intel® Aero Platform for UAVs

A ready-to-fly drone and developer kit powered by a quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor and flexible I/O connectivity designed for fast-tracking drone development.


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