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Build a custom classifier using Caffe* to identify leukemia, plus learn how Intel and Facebook are collaborating to boost PyTorch* CPU performance.

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Adobe Max Showcased Vivid Content and the Benefits of CPU Optimization

More than twelve thousand of the world’s best video editors, moviemakers, photographers, and digital artists descended on Las Vegas for Adobe Max, October 18-20, 2017. 

As mentioned in our pre-event blog post, Adobe’s annual...

Intel® Software Innovator Adam Ardisasmita: Teaching Kids through Educational Games

Growing up with games and wanting to learn how they work is what started Intel® Software Innovator Adam Ardisasmita’s journey in game development. Now he spends his time developing educational games to teach young children and working to grow the...

Improve Deep Learning Performance, Enable Inferences on FPGAs with Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta R3

Published on October 30, 2017

The R3 Beta Release Provides New Deep Learning Capabilities, Frameworks Support, & Performance Improvements

Software developers and data scientists working on computer vision, neural network inference, and deep learning deployment...

Portland VR Meetup, October 2017: Immersive Gaming with AR/VR

The Portland Virtual Reality Meetup is a community of Virtual Reality (VR) developers, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, enthusiasts and early adopters and the topic for the October meetup was the future of...

Intelligent Infrastructure for Smart Cities enabled using Intel and GE* Predix*

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Priyanka Bagade about a really interesting project that she created – the Intelligent Infrastructure for Smart Cities demo.

AI Student Ambassador Alfred Ongere: Using AI to Improve Lives

The Intel® Student Developer Program was created to work collaboratively with students at innovative schools and universities doing great work in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence space. I had the opportunity to get to know Intel®...

MeshCommander - Firmware Loader

Published on October 26, 2017By Ylian S.

MeshCommander is a web-based Intel® AMT management console that is available in many versions including as a standalone tool, as part of MicroLMS and built into MeshCentral2. However, one of the most intriguing versions of MeshCommander...

AI Student Ambassador Bruna Pearson: Deep Learning, Robots, and Drones Oh My!

The Intel® Student Developer Program was created to work collaboratively with students at innovative schools and universities doing great work in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence space. I had the opportunity to get to know Intel®...

MeshCentral2 - Improved Crypto & ClickOnce

Published on October 25, 2017By Ylian S.

Today, MeshCentral2 is going Beta2 with many more improvements, new features and improved stability. MeshCentral2 is a light weight open source remote computer management web site. In marking this version as Beta2, it broke...

Intel At Money20/20: Designing The Future Of Secure Cyber Transactions With Hardware-based Security

Cybersecurity is fundamental to digital commerce; Intel hardware is a ubiquitous ingredient that powers more secure solutions.

Today is one of the most exciting...

Michelle Chuaprasert

Students at the Intel® HPC Developer Conference

Join Michelle Chuaprasert at “Meet the Experts” on Saturday 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Intel® HPC Developer Conference. We’ll talk about our on-going support of the student developer community with conferences such as this as well as programs, learning and networking opportunities and more.

Art’Em – Artistic Style Transfer to Virtual Reality Week 7 Update

Art’Em is an application that hopes to bring artistic style transfer to virtual reality. It aims to increment the stylization speed by using low precision networks.  

In the last article, I delved into the basic proof of concept of...

Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks October 2017

Every month I pick out 5 projects from Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. There is a diverse array of projects on the site, so narrowing it down to just five can be difficult! I hope you’ll take a few minutes to find...

Top Trending IoT October

Our Most Popular IoT Developer Stories for October 2017

Published on October 19, 2017, updated October 22, 2017By Carman, Vicky

Learn more about Intel® System Studio 2018-- from the basics to more advanced applications. We also focus on protection and encryption this month.

Austin Unity Group Meetup, October 2017: Unity* Engine and VR

With the Unite 2017 conference being held in Austin, Texas this year it only made sense for the Austin Unity Meetup Group to do a mixer the night before. The mixer was hosted at Capital Factory and hosted a large group of developers from...

Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, Intel® Software Innovators, & Intel® Student Ambassadors: October 2017

Intel® Developers and Innovators were busy over the last month! Here’s an update on what the Intel® Software Innovators, Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, and Intel® Student Ambassadors were up to around the globe.



Question: Does Software Actually Use New Instruction Sets?

Over time, Intel and other processor vendors add more and more instructions to the processors that power our phones, tablets, laptops, workstations, servers, and other computing devices. Adding instructions for particular compute tasks is a...

Primal Carnage

The Fab Five: Game Developer Content | October

From not-so-pretty dinosaurs to the new Intel® Software Distribution Hub, we've got it all for you this month.

AR/VR Tools and Tech Meetup, Austin Sept 2017: Apple* ARKit and Google* ARCore

The AR/VR Tools and Tech meetup was formed in July in Austin, Texas and is focused on exploring all the newest tech tricks on a monthly basis. The September edition was all about Augmented Reality (AR). Apple and Google are both advancing strong...

MeshCentral2 - Upcoming Beta 2

Published on October 17, 2017By Ylian S.

Just a quick note to mention that likely within the next week or so, I will be posting MeshCentral2 Beta 2. The latest version of the web based remote management web site. I have not posted an update in a while because...

Best of Modern Code October

The Best of Modern Code | October

Don't miss your chance--Register now for the Intel® HPC Developer Conference happening next month. This month you can read about cells in the cloud, future-proofing your code and mode collapse in GANS.

Intel Game Developer Showcase comes back to Austin for year two!

Published on October 11, 2017By CINDI W.

About 3 weeks ago Austin had its second Game Developer Showcase. This Intel sponsored event took place at Brazos Hall, and is one of the keystone events that kick off a week of Game Dev focused activity; all focused around the Austin Games...

October Top Ten

Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | October

Published on October 8, 2017, updated October 10, 2017By Carman, Vicky

Learn to build a face access control solution, get horrified in a haunted high school, and be sure to register for the Intel® HPC Developer Conference this month.

The Parallel Universe #29: Old and New

Back in 1993, the institute where I was doing my postdoctoral research got access to a Cray C90* supercomputer. Competition for time on this system was so fierce that we were told―in no uncertain terms―that if our programs didn’t take advantage...

The Parallel Universe Issue #27: The Changing HP Landscape Still Looks the Same

Celebrating 20 Years of OpenMP*

The OpenMP* application programming interface turns 20 this year. To celebrate, we tapped Michael Klemm (the current CEO of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board, or ARB) and some of his colleagues to give...

The Parallel Universe Issue #28: Parallel Languages, Language Extensions, and Application Frameworks

Back in the days of nonstandard programming languages and immature compilers, parallel computing as we know it today was still far over the horizon. It was still a niche topic, so practitioners were content with language extensions and libraries...

Intel and Adobe Drive Content Creation “To the Max” at Adobe Max 2017

Come see 18 cores on October 18th

During the week of October 18th, more than ten thousand of the world’s best video editors, moviemakers, photographers, digital artists, and creative gurus will descend on Las Vegas for Adobe Max, Adobe’...

2017: A Summer of Consensus

Earlier this summer, I initiated a blog series to help put blockchain news and technical advances into perspective for enterprise technologists. It took longer to write this next one as we’ve been busy working blockchain collaborations with...

The Parallel Universe Issue #30: Meet Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 is the latest version of Intel’s comprehensive tool suite for modernizing software on Intel® architectures. In honor of its release, we’ve included several articles on Intel Parallel Studio XE...

Intel® Software Innovator Silviu-Tudor Serban: Using 3D Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Innovation

With a life-long interest in 3D technology Silviu-Tudor Serban has been creating interactive environments since childhood. After being named a winner in the Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge and being invited to become an Intel® Software Innovator...