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Memory Arrays in C++

​​​Memorable Persistent Memory Articles from Intel for November

Prevent, diagnose, and recover from unplanned data corruption with pmempool this month and read more about persistent memory and C++.

MeshCommander 0.7.3 with CILA support

MeshCommander is an open source web-based Intel® AMT management console. It’s a leading edge tool and today, MeshCommander added support for Client Initiated Local Access (CILA). It's important to be able to remotely manage computers...

Deep Neural Networks

Best of Modern Code November

Solve named entity recognition problems, learn more about Intel® VTune™ Amplifier and more.

Microsoft* Azure Confidential Computing with Intel SGX

A couple months ago at Ignite 2018, Microsoft unveiled their public preview of Microsoft® Azure Confidential Computing (ACC). In Sept 2017, Microsoft Azure became the first cloud platform to enable new data security capabilities that...

Intel HPC AI Cover Image

Open Source Software Drives HPC Innovation

We’re on the forefront of converging artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, simulation and modeling, and other high-performance computing (HPC) workloads that will drive the industry toward the next era in supercomputing.

Intel’s HPC...

MeshCentral2 now with reverse-proxy support

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote management server. This last week, MeshCentral was improved again with support for reverse-proxies that allow for improved scalability and flexibility when deploying MeshCentral as a web...

Temporal Decoupling Clever Techniques Cover Image

Additional Notes about Temporal Decoupling

Last month, I presented a paper about temporal decoupling in virtual platforms at the DVCon Europe 2018 conference. Temporal decoupling is a key technology in virtual platforms, and can speed up the execution of a system by several orders...

From Zero to the World's First VR Coding Education Experience

While the Ultimate Coder Challenge is ending, this is just the start for Zenva Sky. Process overview inside.

ECS 2018 Conference Banner white space

Intel Talks at Embedded Conference Scandinavia: Embedded Agile via Simulation

The Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2018 takes place in Kista, Sweden on November 6 and 7. I will give talk about how you can use simulation technology to get more agility into the development of embedded systems. It is about using...

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New Software Development Opportunities with Big, Affordable, Persistent Memory

Learn about the volatile and persistent use cases for Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory.


A New Trusted Compute API for Ethereum Blockchain Solutions

Published on October 30, 2018

At Devcon4 this week, Intel joined with other leaders in the Ethereum community to introduce a new application specification called the Trusted Compute API (TC API). This new specification has generated much...

Working mode is on and POC

This is blog post for the 8th Week as we are reaching towards end

Industry40 - FifthIngenium

TraIND40 is here! Mixed Reality Training Platform for Industry 4.0

We came to the end of this long challenge, and it is time to reveal what we developed in the past 2 months: TraIND40, the first training platform designed for industry 4.0

Microsoft Azure* IoT Edge

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for October

It's all about the kits! Learn more about the numerous hardware and software toolkits available to help you create innovative applications.

Breathing Life into VR, low-cost animations systems!

Animations are the base of life. In a static world you live like in a picture, but when things start to move you understand what is REAL!

MKL-Service package: Controlling MKL behavior through Python interfaces

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) provides a set of functions for control of MKL behavior. These functions are subdivided into the following groups: Version Information, Threading Control, Timing, Memory Management, Conditional Numerical...

Low Level Persistent library

​​Memorable Persistent Memory Articles from Intel for October

More about persistent memory programming in C++ along with information about the open-source Java* library.

Nothing But a Little (Crop) Dust in Our Eye

Team Crop Dusters bids farewell to the Intel Ultimate Coder VR Challenge this week. Take a look back with us as we review the progress we made over the last eight weeks, thank everyone who has helped along the way, and see what the future holds for the VR Sprayer Simulator.

Week 8 - Vitruvian VR: an exciting 360° simulation experience!

Published on October 17, 2018By Paolo M.

For the video of this week we went to the beautiful alpine location of Cortina D'Ampezzo to shoot a promotional video highlighting the structure of the Vitruvian, the technologies used and the virtual scenery inspired precisely by the Italian Alps.

MeshCommander can connect to MeshCentral2

This week is a big one for the standalone version of MeshCommander as version 0.7.1 was released with an improved user interface and more significantly, the ability to connect to a MeshCentral2 account and manage...

Diversity and Inclusion Intro Image

Diversity & Inclusion Drives Technology Innovation

“Full representation, full inclusion, full force ahead” is the vision for Intel’s commitment to diversity and inclusion—in our workforce and for the technology industry.  Research1 shows that greater workforce diversity is in everyone’s interest,...

Come See Intel at SC18

The Best of Modern Code from Intel

Visit with Intel at SC18, learn more about Intel® Media SDK for Windows* and more.

AI Student Ambassador Divyansh Jha: Building a Community of AI Enthusiasts

Published on October 15, 2018

Using AI to Solve Real-world Challenges and Inspire Others

Divyansh Jha joined the Intel® Student Ambassador Program in late 2017 with a focus on continuing his artificial intelligence (AI) education and sharing his work to...

Attendees to SuperComputing

Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories October

Read more from our innovative Intel(R) Student Ambassadors and Software Innovators this month. And don't forget to visit with Intel at SC'18.

Performance Tips from VRMonkey for Unreal Engine

Having trouble to get that high FPS on your VR Experience? Learn some tips and get the results you were looking for!

Design and Verification DVCON Conference and Exhibition

Intel Talks about Temporal Decoupling (and More) at DVCon Europe

On October 24-25 in München, technical experts from around the world will gather at the Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition (DVCon Europe) to share the latest developments in electronic design automation (EDA) languages,...

Mo' Vertices, Mo' Problems

Creating a detailed and realistic simulation requires a detailed and realistic VR environment which inevitably presents a challenge in achieving a high level of detail with a high frame rate. This week Team Crop Dusters meet this challenge head on by decimating models, culling objects, and using...

Detecting Video Memory Budget

Intel recommendations for developers on methods to detect the video memory budget that’s available to your application.

using Mixed reality Design toolkit

In this week we will see how the mixed reality design toolkit works

Can a Donut Teach Coding?

What if you could learn the basics of coding in a donut-shaped world that floats in the middle of space? Zenva Sky has a brand-new environment (developed in VR) and a new layout for all the coding challenges we've already developed. Minor performance tweaks were made and results look promising.