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This month, read how natural language processing powers voice assistant devices (like Amazon Echo* and Google Home*). Browse other popular articles about VR, persistent memory, and more.

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Can a Donut Teach Coding?

What if you could learn the basics of coding in a donut-shaped world that floats in the middle of space? Zenva Sky has a brand-new environment (developed in VR) and a new layout for all the coding challenges we've already developed. Minor performance tweaks were made and results look promising.

Week 7 - Vitruvian VR: The Developers - The IoT

Published on October 10, 2018By Paolo M.

This week we will talk about the last construction phase of Vitruvian VR: the IoT research and develop. We present to you Niccolò Galiazzo, the young Maker who managed the IoT parts of the project. In particular Niccolò will explain to us the functioning of an aesthetic side of Vitruvian: the...

The incredible power of voice

The incredible power of voice

Voice input is a natural way to interact with an object in mixed reality, let's see how to include this feature it in our project.

What's new? Intel® CPU Runtime for OpenCL™ Applications 18.1

Execute OpenCL™ applications on an Intel® CPU running Windows* OS or Linux* OS. Intel® CPU Runtime for OpenCL™ Applications 18.1 also serves as a straightforward development vehicle for heterogeneous OpenCL™ development with Intel® SDK for OpenCL...

MeshCentral2 - Improved Windows Installer

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. One of the amazing features of MeshCentral2 is that it can be installed quickly on pretty much any computer that is Windows or Linux. For Windows users, it’s...

Just Released! Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2019

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2019 provides developer tools to achieve better application performance for heterogeneous platforms. Whether targeting imaging, video, neural network, or scientific computing domains, ...

A Virtual Playground to Easily Learn Loops and Coding

Understanding loops or iterations is a common roadblock for those learning to code, so we decided to add basic loop support to Zenva Sky in order to make it intuitive for people to utilize loops to solve simple challenges. This expands our palette of commands and allows us to create interesting...

From Blender to Unity

In this week we will see how we import from blender to Unity

Intel® Graphics Driver for 64-Bit Windows® 10 (6th, 7th, & 8th Generation). Released 10/1/18

DRIVER VERSION: (Windows Graphics Driver Version: DATE: October 1, 2018


Windows* 10 October 2018 Update...

Creating the best UI experience in Virtual Reality!

How to properly implement an UI that fit into your Virtual Reality experience? Re-think the use of buttons and menus, believe in a more natural interaction and understand the meaning of Diegetic UI.

Week 6 - Vitruvian VR - The integration with different software

Published on October 3, 2018By Paolo M.

What if we could use Virtual Reality to travel across space, visit other planets and increase the awareness of our position in the cosmos? This week we want to show how Vitruvian can be integrated with different software, in particular Space Engine.

Right on the Button

Team Crop Dusters receives a special delivery this week; an actual sprayer steering wheel, seat, and control console. Follow along as the team disassembles the parts and pushes ALL the buttons to find out what components are crucial to creating a realistic sprayer simulation.

MeshCentral2 - Improved user interface

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. The software is still in beta, but in the last two months MeshCentral got a lot better. Many new features, bug fixes and ease of use improvements so that a...

Lost in Cloud

Lost in Cloud: Cloud Architecture to stream a Mixed Reality Training Experience

Cloud Architecture to stream a Mixed Reality Training Experience for Industry 4.0

Intel Demos @ OSFC

Open Source Firmware: Two Ends of the Spectrum

Open source firmware is a growing community in software development. While many participants are driven by principles of software freedom and ownership, there are also benefits for corporate infrastructure.

This was evident when I...

Introducing the ChekiDinga : the idea and Team

We are Cheki Dinga a team of graphic designers, game developers, User experience and design experts based in Nairobi Kenya.

Problem statement:

There is a growing number of Car dealership outlets in Nairobi and...

Ideation, User Research and Game Mockups and Review of Windows Mixed Reality toolkit

The first week was a very exciting one for the team, we had an opportunity to go out there and interact with potential users, Car Dealerships outlets, and the VR community around Nairobi.

We also  held a demo session of  Intel NUC and HP...

Week 5 - Vitruvian VR: The Developers - The Prototyping

Published on September 27, 2018By Paolo M.

This week we will talk about the prototyping phase of Vitruvian VR and we will know the Maker who has worked to build the mechanical part and the design.

Accelerate Deep Image Matting Algorithm Inference on Intel Platforms


Image matting is a vision problem which gets more complicated with similar background and foreground colors.  Researchers from Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and...

What is the future of VR?

During the development of Minerva Labs, we from VRMonkey got the chance to take a peek into the future, care to join us?

The Bare Accessibilities

Simulator improvements on accessibility, mobile prototyping, and subject matter expert feedback were all on the agenda this week. Team Crop Dusters got out the hammer and nails and constructed a test rig to simulate the physical sprayer cabin and then got back to the digital world to create a more...

Covering more tools

Working with Open Babel and Blender

Superman Vision

My superman vision: the power of a Shader

Published on September 26, 2018By Matteo V.

Hi, welcome to the new post of Flying Turtles Team for the Intel Ultimate Coder Challenge. In this post we will see some more technical and advanced aspects regarding shaders.

The Parallel Universe Issue #34: Edge-to-Cloud Heterogeneous Parallelism with OpenVINO™ Toolkit

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I used to dread the heterogeneous parallel computing future. Ordinary parallelism was hard enough. Spreading concurrent operations across different processor architectures would add a level of complexity...

Bridging the Gap Between Domain Experts and Tuning Experts

In 2006, the University of California at Berkeley Parallel Computing Laboratory suggested that widespread adoption of parallel processing required greater separation of concerns between domain experts and tuning experts.1 Separation of concerns...

Microsoft Ignite 2018 in Orlando

Innovations in Data Center & Edge Solutions Showcased This Week at Microsoft Ignite

Enterprise developers, data professionals, IT professionals and decision-makers are gathering in Orlando this week at Microsoft Ignite 2018. Intel’s Windows* Operating Systems Division is proud to participate at the conference, showcasing Intel’s...

First 6 Coding Challenges Ready

We’ve reached of the second half of the Ultimate Coder Challenge and in this article we'll review the progress we’ve made so far both in terms of prototyping and actual application content (first 6 coding challenges). Another update is the way the activation command works - it now supports elements...

Made to Create

Experience Adobe* Creative Cloud Apps Tuned for the Latest “Made to Create PCs” at Adobe Max

Adobe’s annual Adobe Max event in October is where 10,000+ creators come together to learn the latest tools and see the latest technologies. Intel has sponsored the event for more than a decade. We showed off some cool technology at...

Week 4 - Vitruvian VR: The Developers - Unreal Engine and the virtual world

Published on September 20, 2018By Paolo M.

In the video of this week we would like to present the professionals who partecipated in the realization of Vitruvian VR. We will get a more precise details about Unreal Engine and how the Vitruvian Virtual scenery was realized.

Solving Boolean Puzzles in VR

One of the main premises of Zenva Sky has been how to bring abstract concepts into a virtual experience that’s interactive, engaging, and aimed at both the general public and the education sector. Our progress this week consisted in the inclusion of logic switches and boolean gates (AND, OR and XOR...