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Open WebRTC Toolkit (OWT) now on GitHub*

In November, I announced at the Google Kranky Geek Event that we planned to release an open source version of the Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC (Intel® CS for WebRTC). In March, the Open WebRTC Toolkit (OWT) was made available on GitHub....

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Intel® Core™ i9 Processors Reduce Open World Load Times

Published on May 29, 2019

CPU is vital to the gameplay mechanics, the server interactions, the texture loading, and the procedural generation. Here is notes on what I learned.

Accelerating Data Analytics and AI

In 2017, the average Fiber to the Home (FTTH) household generated 85 GB of Internet traffic and is expected to generate approximately 264 GB1 of Internet traffic per month in 2022. For comparison, a smart car will generate 50 GB, a smart hospital...

Design Automation Conference 2019 Logo, used according to the rules at to promote the conference.

Cloud, Containers, and Your Simulator

Putting simulation solutions into a cloud environment can ensure that everyone gets a consistent setup, accessed in a convenient way.

Intel® Software Guard Extensions Datacenter Attestation Primitives (Intel® SGX DCAP)

I was recently invited to present “Intel SGX’s Open Source Approach to 3rd Party Attestation” in the Open Source Crypto track at the 2019 International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC).  The conference took place in Vancouver, Canada and...

Simics* Software Automates “Cyber Grand Challenge” Validation

DARPA ran a Cyber Grand Challenge where cyber-attack and defense systems were pitted against each other to drive progress in cyber-security.

Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10. Released 5/15/2019

Full release notes for driver version

DEVELOPER HIGHLIGHTS Support for OpenGL 4.6 API Various additions to D3D12 MetaCommand support in DirectML. The Intel® Graphics Control Panel SDK now allows for control of Local...

Memorable Persistent Memory Articles from Intel for May

Break the cost and capacity barrier with Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory.

Best of Modern Code for May

Brush up on your vectorization essentials this month.

Top Ten May

Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories for May

This month, we explore vision accelerators and vector extensions. Plus, learn about Ben, a self-driving robot.

Vision Accelerator Design

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for May

Be sure to register and/or submit an abstract for Intel Global IoT DevFest IV. Learn more about Intel Vision Accelerator this month.

Chaos, Destruction, and Intel’s Unique Role in the Game Dev Community

Intriguing territory was covered in a chat with Intel’s Roger Chandler at Venture Beat’s recent “Building Gaming Communities” summit

MeshCentral2 - Server-side IDER & Real-time heat map

Published on April 26, 2019By Ylian S.

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. Last week, an all-new IDE redirect (IDER) library was unveiled completely built into JavaScript that allows MeshCommander to perform remote disk redirection to...

 Fruit Classification Prototype

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for April

We tell apples from oranges this month using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and TensorFlow* neural network for object detection.

MeshCommander - JavaScript IDER

Published on April 18, 2019By Ylian S.

In the 10 years that I have been making software for Intel® AMT, I have rebuilt pretty much everything. From coding a WSMAN stacks twice to my own Serial Terminal and KVM viewer. This was needed to make Intel AMT usable with web...

The Parallel Universe, Issue #36: Onward to Exascale Computing

As you may know, I’m an old-school HPC guy―not by choice, but out of necessity. High-performance computing (HPC) has a double meaning, depending on who you’re talking to. On the one hand, it simply means improving application performance in the...

Best of Modern Code for April

More vectorization, optimization and transformations for you this month.

Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10. Released 4/16/2019

Full release notes for driver version

DEVELOPER HIGHLIGHTS This driver is WDDM 2.6 compliant. Support for DirectX* 12 Shader Model 6.4 compiler. Support for PSO cache for Compute Shaders. Various performance improvements...

Memorable Persistent Memory Articles from Intel for April

Learn more about persistent memory support for Java* applications.

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Intel® University Games Showcase 2019 Features Market-Ready Games from Leading Universities

A crowd of nearly 700 was on hand for one of GDC’s most-loved events:Intel® University Games Showcase 2019. See which university won on what.

MeshCentral2 - Clipboard Support, Device List & Filters, Memory Management

Published on March 28, 2019By Ylian S.

It’s been a white since the last report and lots of progress has been made. Probably most notably is the increase in GitHub traffic where more people than are submitting bug reports and feature requests. Only a month ago there was about...

MeshCentral2 - All new MeshCentral Router for Windows

Published on March 28, 2019By Ylian S.

Because MeshCentral is web based, usages are generally built within the browser which is great sometimes, but not always. Today, we are changing that with the MeshCentral Router for Windows, a tool that allows users to port map any TCP...

MeshCentral2 - Charts, WebAuthn/FIDO2, Replay Port Maps

Published on March 28, 2019By Ylian S.

This week has been busy with significantly increased traffic on Github, once again, thank you to everyone that is reporting bugs and helping out. We now have real-time server charts showing connection counts and memory use, new support...

ship with containers

Using Wind River* Simics* with Containers (Part 2)

Using Wind River Simics* has advantages over using hardware for debugging, fault injection, pre-silicon software readiness, and more.

Improved Parallelization, Extended Deep Learning Capabilities in Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

The latest release of Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit 2019 (which stands for Open Visual Inference and Neural Network Optimization) unveils new features that improve parallelization, extend deep learning capabilities, and provides...

World of Tanks* Uses Concurrent Rendering to Boost Performance with More Cores

Published on March 20, 2019* collaborated with Intel to develop concurrent rendering that allows the World of Tanks* (WoT) engine to render data on all CPU cores.

Blockchain-Controlled Robot

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for March

Building data, video analytics, a cure for retail losses and robotics round out this month.

Fork lift driver loading stacking a shipping container

Containerizing Wind River Simics® Virtual Platforms (Part 1)

Developers can gain major benefits from using containers with Wind River* Simics* virtual platforms.

MeshCentral2 - Group Move, MongoDB performance, Quick Install

Published on March 17, 2019By Ylian S.

This week, we got a bunch more interesting updates to the code base. Along with many more bug fixes, one feature request that was made on GitHub was to allow devices to be switched between device groups. In addition, MeshCentral is...

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 2019 R1 Release!

Say hello to some of the latest features for the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) tool suite.

Vulkan Support in Frame Analyzer