March highlights include usability in virtual reality, training opportunities, best practices, and more.


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Out of the Box Network Developers OpenStack Birthday Party

Out of the Box Network Developers Newsletter – August 2017

Get links to July meetup and devlab video from Out-of-the-Box Networking Developers, find out about upcoming meetups and events, and read new articles and tutorials on Intel Developer Zone.

Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks August 2017

Every month I pick out 5 projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. There is a diverse array of projects on the site, so narrowing it down to just five can be difficult! Since, it’s August, and here in the...

IoT in LHC: A Deeper Look into the Frameworks

I’m Lamija Tupo, a student from Sarajevo, and I’m a summer student in CERN as part of CERN Openlab. I’m working on ‘Edge Computing: Integrating IoT Devices into the LHC Control Systems’ project using the Intel® Joule™ development board. The final...

August !oT 2017

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for August

View the "Get Into IoT" video series, learn about computer vision as it applies to IoT, and more on sensors and actuators this month.

Security Made Simple with the New 8th Gen Intel Core Processor

I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm for the exceptional1 performance of computers with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. The excitement of a new PC still never fades with me – and the enhanced entertainment and productivity capabilities with the 8th...

Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, Intel® Software Innovators, & Intel® Student Ambassadors: August 2017

Intel® Developers and Innovators were busy over the last month! Here’s an update on what the Intel® Software Innovators, Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, and Intel® Student Ambassadors were up to around the globe. BLACK BELT SPOTLIGHT...

GAN explanation

Mode collapse in GANs

Published on August 21, 2017By Elena O.

Hello everyone!  In my project I had to deal with the so called mode collapse. It is usually referred to a problem when all the generator outputs are identical (all of them or most of the samples are equal). But what can cause mode collapse and how...

Disaster Relief using Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning

Published on August 19, 2017By Abu Bakr

Background: I am part of "Disaster Relief using Satellite Imagery" project in which we are helping computers to get better at recognizing objects in satellite maps and these satellite maps are provided to us by the UN agency UNOSAT. UNOSAT is part...

Gergana Slavova

Be A Modern Code Hero

We’re looking for the innovators of the industry. Join me to push HPC to a higher level by sharing your unique knowledge. The Intel® HPC Developer Conference 2017 call for papers has been extended to August 25.

Calling All Procrastinators and Innovators—The Dev King Wants You!

Ok...You have a week to get your abstracts in for the Intel® HPC Developer Conference 2017!

The Small Batches Principle – Building Big one Piece at a Time

The concept of “Agile” is usually associated with software development, and much of what is being said about Agile is really tailored for pure software development. Still, people are trying to apply Agile to system and hardware development, but...

IoT in LHC: Introduction

I’m Lamija Tupo, a student from Sarajevo, and I’m a CERN summer student as part of CERN Openlab. I’m working on ‘Edge Computing: Integrating IoT Devices into the LHC Control Systems’ project using the Intel® Joule™ development board. At the...

Track Reconstruction with Deep Learning at the CERN CMS Experiment

Connecting the Dots As part of the CERN openlab summer school I am participating in the Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge. The scope of this challenge is to write a couple of technical posts about our projects at CERN to share part of our...

Deep Learning on Qubole* Using BigDL for Apache Spark*

BigDL runs natively on Apache Spark*, and because Qubole* offers a greatly enhanced and optimized Spark as a service, it makes for a perfect deployment platform. Dash Desai from Qubole wrote a excellent two-part tutorial series on how to use the ...

Documentation for uncore performance monitoring units

Hello everyone, The uncore performance monitoring units (uncore PMUs) provide many useful information like memory controller traffic, traffic between sockets/processor packages, energy related metrics in the uncore (sleep states for Intel® Quick...

Best of Modern Code August 2017

The Best of Modern Code | August

Is your code ready for the future? Find out this month.

Collaborating with Microsoft to Strengthen Enterprise Blockchains

During Cyber Week 2017,  I spoke with industry experts where I shared Intel’s approach to cybersecurity and how to protect emerging industry opportunities like autonomous vehicles and blockchain. Intel’s approach to security starts with hardware...

MeshCentral2 - WAN/LAN modes & Intel AMT CIRA

MeshCentral2 development keeps moving forward and this week, we got two really interesting new features added. As you will see, MeshCentral2 is positioning to be a server that can be used in a wide array of usages. From small networks with a few...

New VR Zone

The Fab Five: Game Developer Content | August

Pirates, Blowfish, and a new site with resources for virtual reality developers populate this month's content.

August 2017

Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories | August

Lots of new and notable things this month. The Modern Code Challenge kicks off, we introduce a new VR developer site, and the teeny tiny Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick is announced. Read on!

Setting up the new Intel DLSDK Tools Beta

    In this Document we will go through installing the Deep Learning Training Tools beta. First we head to the following website address Then we need to click on download...

Intel® Black Belt Software Developers Thomas & Martin: Having Fun with Robots, Drones, and VR

Thomas Endres and his colleague Martin Förtsch are Intel® Black Belt Software Developers and Intel® Software Innovators from Germany that are lucky enough to have their hobby also be their job. They spend their days playing with drones, 3D cameras,...

Intel® Software Innovators at SIGGRAPH 2017

For the second year in a row, Intel® Software Innovators demoed their cutting-edge work at SIGGRAPH 2017, billed as the “world’s largest, most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques, spanning...

Doctor Fortran in "Are We There Yet?"

The Fortran 2015 standard is almost here, for larger values of "almost". The technical content is locked down and, at this point, only minor editorial changes are being allowed. A Committee Draft is currently out for ballot, with the results to be...

IoT JumpWay Intel® NUC DE3815TYKE OpenFace TASS Computer Vision Example

IoT JumpWay Intel® NUC DE3815TYKE OpenFace TASS Computer Vision Example Introduction Want to turn your Intel® NUC DE3815TYKE, or any Linux box running Ubuntu into an Artificially Intelligent, IoT Connected CCTV Hub? This tutorial is for you!....

Intel Builders Developer Summit in Portland, OR

Register Now for the Intel® Builders Developer Summit

Register to attend the Intel® Builders Developer Summit which will be held September 7, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

Intel® Black Belt Software Developers Suresh & George: From Childhood Friends to Awesome App Developers

Starting out as childhood friends from a small town in India, Intel® Black Belt Software Developers & Intel® Software Innovators George S. Christopher and Suresh Kumar Gunasekaran started their careers working for multinational corporations...

Face It - Week 10 Update

Face It is a mobile application that detects a person's facial structure as well as information about the person’s lifestyle and current trends, and utilizing that data, recommends the user a hair/beard style. For this Early Innovation Project,...

Intel® Software Innovator Adam Milton-Barker: Using AI and IoT to Disrupt Technology

Adam Milton-Barker joined the Intel® Software Innovator program earlier this year and has been involved in a whirlwind of activity – everything from speaking at CodeMotion Amsterdam, TedX in Melbourne, IoT Solutions Hackathon in Furth Germany, and...

Deliver Fast, Brilliant Video Experiences with New Intel® Media Server Studio 2017 R3

Developers: Optimize Video Performance & Quality Video delivery and cloud graphics solution providers can create innovative, enterprise-grade media solutions that deliver fast, high quality video transcoding, speed transition to higher frame...