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Retail Display Solution Example

Optimize your development of display experiences for retail applications with libraries, compilers, and tools from Intel.

Visual Retail Display Graphic

1. Hardware and software components - For digital signage and media players, components include a central processing unit (CPU), graphical processing unit (GPU), Intel® Media SDK, an integrated camera, and media storage.

2. Scheduling - The CPU queues media for playback, incorporating audience analytics and remote management from administrators.

3. Decoding and playback - The player uses the GPU with Intel® Media SDK to rapidly decode and encode media for high-quality, high-definition playback. This offloading enables the CPU to complete other tasks, such as scheduling, computer vision, analytics, and more.

4. Camera feed - The integrated camera captures a live feed of nearby observers.

5. Computer vision - The CPU and GPU use computer vision libraries with OpenCL™ to accelerate extrapolation of data from the camera feed, such as audience demographics, viewing numbers, and emotional response.

6. Data logging and analytics - Extrapolated data is stored and processed (locally or on a server). The analytics results will identify audience trends, which the administrators can use to dictate scheduling.

Tools and SDKs to Speed Your Development

Visual Retail Tools

Intel® Media SDK

Create high-quality visual experiences across multiple displays and get faster encoding and decoding.