IoT Solutions for Retail Markets


New technologies help developers respond to the challenges of rapid innovation and change in the retail market.

The retail market is evolving with the incorporation of computer vision, advanced RFID solutions, and the ability to collect and analyze data at the edge.

Use Cases

Frictionless Checkout

Create a smoother customer checkout experience using computer vision technologies and smart point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Inventory Management

Maintain accurate inventory data, quickly locate in-store products, and reduce retail shrinkage using RFID solutions.

Audience Measurement

Use computer vision technology to monitor retail foot traffic and product interest and get analytics on customer activities.

Workload Consolidation

Deploy multiple applications such as audience measurement, inventory management, and frictionless checkout on a single system.

Retail Solutions

Deploy affordable, easy-to-install, fixed sensors for any industry that uses RFID to collect accurate information in near-real time.

With this small form factor, network operators and system integrators can quickly deploy interchangeable digital signage devices and pluggable media players faster.

Develop advanced workloads for display, video, and image processing using this flexible and customizable processor.

Upgrade application software and operating systems, trouble-shoot performance issues, and secure data for digital signage systems.

Security Technologies for Retail

Enhance and streamline retail security with the following solutions that enable uses such as IP address protection during transaction, hardware-backed key storage and encryption, and easy onboarding of new devices.

Enhance IoT application security and enable the development and use of trusted computing enclaves that deliver increased protection for data and applications—independent of the operating system or hardware configuration.

Code Sample

Securely store artifacts (such as passwords, certificates, or encryption keys) inside the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 that is integrated into Intel® silicon.

Leverage a hardware-based identity to enable simple and trusted automatic IoT device onboarding using device management and cloud platforms.

Retail Kits with Hardware Acceleration

These product-ready kits can be used to develop, optimize, and analyze multiple videos streams, inference at the edge, and high-performance computer vision applications.

Tools and Training

Intel® Media SDK

Develop media applications on Windows* and embedded Linux* operating systems with this cross-platform API that includes video editing and processing, media conversion, playback, and video conferencing.

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Smart Retail Workshop

Review workshop materials and explore how to use the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and video analytics to build smarter retail solutions.

GitHub* Linux | GitHub Windows

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