Color Copy OpenVX* Sample

This sample shows the implementation of a "Color Copy" pipeline (specific to the Printing and Imaging domain) using OpenVX*. The “Color Copy” pipeline is a workload that would typically be used within a multi-function printer (MFP). At the topmost level, it consists of two “subgraphs”. The first, which is referred to as the “Scan Pre-Process” subgraph, accepts raw 10-bit or 12-bit uncalibrated RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) frames as input, and applies Gain/Offset correction as well as Skew Correction (small -angle rotation), producing the 8-bit “calibrated” RGB images. The second subgraph, which is referred to as the “RGB-to-CMYK” subgraph, takes the output from the “Scan Pre-Process” subgraph, and produces a “bitonal” CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) image to be sent to a printer.

This sample is an example of an OpenVX* graph with sufficiently large number of nodes to show the benefits of heterogeneous processing using CPU and GPU.

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