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  1. pcm tools for DIMMs


    Sep 7, 2013 ... Hi, With PCM, we can monitor channel read and writes. ... all DRAM channels, since channel interleaving on cache-line granularity is the most ...

  2. SB-E memory read bandwidth limitation?


    Sep 4, 2014 ... If 1 64 bit memory channel were able to transfer 64 bits on every cycle of the ..... If you are running with channel interleave disabled, then large ...

  3. Independent Channel vs. Lockstep Mode – Drive your Memory ...


    Jul 11, 2014 ... In particular, only one memory channel is driving an Intel®SMI2 link, as opposed to two in independent channel mode. Furthermore, the Intel® ...

  4. Single Threaded Memory Bandwidth on Sandy Bridge


    Oct 18, 2013 ... A BIOS that doesn't interleave RAM could cause all requests to come from the same channel, reducing the peak bandwidth to 25% off the bat.

  5. Processor and DRAM Power Measurement Platform


    Apr 17, 2013 ... 022, chipset: 20 MCHBAR: MAD—Address decode channel 0: HORIAddr High Order Rank Interleave Address. Specifies which DIMM address ...

  6. AMT_TLSProtocolEndpoint


    ... Transp HDLC, Interleave Channel, FAST Channel, IP (for APPN HPR in IP Networks), CATV MAC Layer, CATV Downstream, CATV Upstream, Avalon 12MPP ...

  7. Copy | Intel® Developer Zone


    Case 3: Copying a selected channel in a multi-channel image. IppStatus ... Case 4: Copying a selected channel to a one-channel image. IppStatus ...

  8. Memory Address Range Mirroring Validation Guide.pdf


    BIOS Setup Menu for Interleave configuration setting .............. 15 ... In channel memory mirroring feature, mirroring is implemented across two memory channels .

  9. CIM_ProtocolEndpoint


    ... Infiniband, Fibre Channel, ISDN BRI Endpoint, ISDN B Channel Endpoint, .... Interleave Channel, FAST Channel, IP (for APPN HPR in IP Networks), CATV ...

  10. SSE vs AVX optimized code generation


    Data set size: 32smps/channel (= 256 bytes per channel) All times shown are for ... Elapsed time with interleave 16: 1283.882935 ms. ======== GCC 4.8 -O3 ...

  11. FFT with different memory layout


    May 6, 2011 ... ... arrangements: RealToCplx and CplxToReal can be used to translate between interleaved two channel data and two channel planar data.

  12. i3-2120 FSB Speed and Memory bandwidth


    Jan 29, 2012 ... Hyper-threading plays no role in utilizing the dual channel memory. ... 1 DIMM in your system, then I believe you will only exercise 1 channel.

  13. Multidimensional Transpose -- Prefetching


    Aug 12, 2015 ... My Xeon E5-2680 v2 systems have 2 dual-rank DIMMs per channel and .... So you could interleave stores to four different cache lines, but if you ...

  14. Performance Analysis Guide for Intel® Core™ i7 Processor


    Threading Technology (HT), allowing the hardware to interleave instructions of .... Intel® Xeon™ 550 processor has a 3 channel integrated memory controller.

  15. 7560 vs 5570


    Jul 14, 2010 ... If you don't have at least 1 DIMM per channel, 7560 memory ... As Roman pointed out, the 2-way interleave BIOS setup option should be ...

  16. Download


    Nov 28, 2001 ... The casts performed on each R, G, B channel for diffuse and specular lighting in Listing ..... interleave mm1 = specular2, diffuse2 movq mm2 ...

  17. FIR filter code optimization


    The actual filter is multi-channel. This means that if I have N channels and if I'm computing one channel after another ... The compiler should interleave the loads.

  18. Anomalous performance on batch nodes


    ... (25.6 GB/s), but each riser only has a DDR3 dual-channel (at 17.1 GB/s), ... I gave the numactl options a try (especially interleave=all), and I ...

  19. Debugging with gdb


    gdb does not check the validity of function and channel, relying on you to supply values that are ...... The /m modifier is used to interleave source informa- tion.

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