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  1. Adding and Synchronizing 2 Characters in Havok Behavior Tool


    Feb 20, 2009 ... I have one character in my behavior project, and I'd like to add another. ... synchronizing animations on these characters when they interact?

  2. Digital Storytelling with Augmented Reality - The Book is Just the ...


    Jun 28, 2013 ... You interact with a virtual world overlaid upon the physical book. ... Character Interaction – Another feature in our demo allows the reader to ...

  3. Abstract Introduction Digital Storytelling – Augmented Farm


    Together, you not only see the characters, but choose where they appear on the page. You interact with a virtual world overlaid upon the physical book.

  4. my character is pushed from moving platform.


    Dec 22, 2009 ... I want to make controllable moving platform when character ... Physics/Use Case/ Character Control/Character Proxy/Character Interaction.

  5. RealSense - Designing Apps for Intel® RealSense™ Technology ...


    Feb 3, 2015 ... Most of the changes in gameplay interactions came from simply altering ... We still liked the wave movement for controlling the character, but in ...

  6. Making Substrings Equivalent | Intel® Developer Zone


    When you make one character substring equivalent to another character substring, ... Making Substrings Equivalent · EQUIVALENCE and COMMON Interaction.

  7. RealSense - Natural Interaction with Intuitive Computer Control ...


    Mar 27, 2015 ... For Aki Kanerva, lead designer and founder, the natural interaction (NI) ... moving a mouse left or right could translate to directing a character's ...

  8. RealSense - Game Developers Push the Edge with Intel ...


    Sep 15, 2014 ... One of their aims is to explore the limits of emotional interaction between players and technology. “Our game follows a character on a journey of ...

  9. Ai and Havok


    Hi, I need help designing my AI/Physics interaction in my game. ... While the AI engine gives me the coordinates the character should be inthis ...

  10. ENCODE | Intel® Developer Zone


    Statement: Translates data from internal (binary) form to character form. ... The interaction between the format specifier and the I/O list is the same as for a ...

  11. Character Constant Editing | Intel® Developer Zone


    The character constant edit descriptor causes a character string to be output to ... of Formatted Records · Interaction Between Format Specifications and I/O Lists.

  12. Declarations for Character Types | Intel® Developer Zone


    A CHARACTER type specifier can be immediately followed by the length of the character ... Effects of Equivalency and Interaction with COMMON Statements.

  13. Character Editing (A) | Intel® Developer Zone


    The A data edit descriptor transfers character or Hollerith values. ... Printing of Formatted Records · Interaction Between Format Specifications and I/O Lists.

  14. Printing of Formatted Records | Intel® Developer Zone


    The following table lists the valid control characters for printing: ... Printing of Formatted Records · Interaction Between Format Specifications and I/O Lists.

  15. Character Count Editing (Q) | Intel® Developer Zone


    The character count edit descriptor returns the remaining number of characters ... of Formatted Records · Interaction Between Format Specifications and I/O Lists.

  16. Controlling the Playable Characters in Space Between with Unique ...


    Nov 20, 2014 ... Each of these characters uses unique gesture input and has gameplay designed specifically for their style of interaction. The content in the ...

  17. RealSense - Get Out of the Flats—Capture and Share in 3D | Intel ...


    Jan 6, 2015 ... Once captured, the character can be 3D printed, animated, or shared ... Intel RealSense technology promotes intuitive interaction, and Intel ...

  18. AADIP_Chapter 7 GUI_Design_for_Android_Apps_Part1.pdf


    full keyboard and mouse, and diverse interaction modalities. Typical desktop computer ... every character and the generous distance between keys makes.

  19. F77 Data statement to F90 parameter - something not quite right


    Apr 14, 2014 ... Is the real trouble the interaction with the INDEX intrinsic? ... Note that the character (80) 'Runstream' Variable Includes the Original Case for ...

  20. Future of Visual Computing as viewed by Intel Visual Computing ...


    Aug 8, 2012 ... Continuous Character Control With Low-Dimensional Embeddings, Levine et al .... Markerless Motion Capture of Interacting Characters.

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